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The Most Iconic Scene in Avatar, the Last Air bender for Each Main Character!

Avatar the Last Airbender is getting a new lease of life on Netflix, two decades after first aired on Nickelodeon. We’re all confined inside and yearning for something nostalgic and entertaining to see, but Avatar, like a world savior, miraculously sprouted from an iceberg, feels more than prepared to face the moment on its terms.

The program is a genre mash-up of anime, American kids’ cartoons, Westerns, and Joseph Campbell’s “chosen one” tale framework. Yet, it excels at creating its own immersive and enormous universe. The series’ bones are already strong, with everything occurring in the aftermath of the Fire Nation’s surprise invasion of the world’s other nations, with Aang the Avatar striving to restore order. Mostly look like Avatar characters in real life.

Because I have a lot of free time and recently finished watching Avatar on Netflix, I’ve decided to rate all minor avatar character names from the series. The main rule is that any characters with a substantial arc on the show are excluded. Of course, this is subjective, but they can’t be the Avatar, they can’t be a central role in more than three episodes, and they can’t be a primary antagonist.

They can’t be a part of the somewhat defined network of primary characters and their love interests and/or counterpart antagonists. Avatar: The Last Airbender features some of the most powerful and well-written characters ever seen on television. Avatar girl characters anime whether a character is on the “good” or “evil” side; one can’t help but be impressed by their abilities.

Mai & Ty Lee: Turning Against Azula


While Mai and Ty Lee have pretty distinct personalities, they are primarily given sequences around their relationships with Azula. Although they are her closest friends, she does not treat them kindly.

So, in season three, when Azula is going to cut the wire and throw Zuko to a boiling death below, Mai intervenes. Ty Lee then decides to join Mai and protect her from Azula, and both characters are no longer Azula’s pawns.

Suki: Demonstrating to Sokka that she is a better fighter


Sokka is a terrific character with many supporters, but he isn’t flawless. At first, he’s a little naive about his powers, and he’s a little sexist. He believes in fighting any girl, but he’s in for a nasty awakening when he meets Suki, the leader of the Kyoshi warriors.

Suki easily defeats him in a fight, and the experience humbles Sokka. Suki’s character and ability are demonstrated in this scene.

Ozai: Declaring Himself Phoenix King

Avatar the Last Airbender

Although Firelord Ozai is the main antagonist in the story, he has very little interaction with Team Avatar. Other villains, such as Azula, are usually more fascinating and have a more prominent role in the story.

Ozai, on the other hand, commits a lot of bad things, including deciding to utilize the power of Sozin’s Comet to burn the rest of the planet down. Apart from when Aang takes away his bending, he declares himself the “Phoenix King.”

Uncle Iroh: Escaping From Fire Nation Prison

Avatar the Last Airbender

Iroh is unquestionably one of the most beloved characters in the series, and many of his best moments are quiet and understated. He functions as Zuko’s constant adviser, gently guiding him down the path of good. He’s always there with a cup of tea. Despite this, he has a convoluted past and was previously the Fire Nation’s crown prince.

Azula: Infiltrating Ba Sing Se

Avatar the Last Airbender

While Ozai may be the final opponent Aang must fight, Azula is there to stop him at every turn. She can be just as frightening as her father in many respects. She’s harsh, brilliant, ruthless, and even empathetic at times.

One of her most brilliant moves is infiltrating the Earth Kingdom while posing as a Kyoshi warrior. Using the Dai Li, she can take control of Ba Sing Se from within, accomplishing something no one else has been able to achieve before.

Zuko: Asking To Join Team Avatar

Avatar the Last Airbender

Zuko is renowned for having one of the strongest redemption arcs in media, and as a result, he is one of the show’s most intriguing characters.

Fans adore Zuko’s numerous emotional and powerful moments, but probably his most famous is when he eventually abandons his family and the Fire Nation to aid Aang. Fans still talk about his “Hello, Zuko here” introduction of its sincerity and amusing.

Toph: Inventing Metal Bending

Avatar the Last Airbender

Toph is, without a doubt, the show’s worst character. And, even though she doesn’t join the team until season two, she quickly becomes a natural and indispensable part. Toph has a lot of unique and exciting moments in which she shows off her impressive earth-bending abilities, and she’s a formidable combatant.

Her most famous moment, though, was when she invented metal bending. That demonstrates that, even at such a young age, she is a true earth-bending master. It’s hard to think of a more famous moment than this.

Sokka: Taking Down Combustion Man

Avatar the Last Airbender

Because he’s just entertaining, Sokka gets a lot of quotable moments in the series. Known as blue avatar female characters Fans adore Sokka for his wit, but he’s much more than that: he’s a capable warrior who has gained a great deal of expertise through time.

It’s incredibly satisfying for him to be able to defeat Sparky Boom Man with his trusted boomerang. Even if he isn’t a bender, it only shows how valuable he is to the group.

Katara: Dueling Against Azula/or Blood Bending

Avatar the Last Airbender

Because these two situations are well-known for various reasons, it’s impossible to say which Katara moment is more unforgettable. Katara can demonstrate her water bending abilities in the fight against Azula, and she and Zuko make an excellent team.

Her ability to readily bend blood, on the other hand, demonstrates that she is a water-bending master. But she despises this ability, and it irritates her greatly. It isn’t a triumphant moment, but it shows Katara as one of the series’ best water benders.

Aang: Taking Away Ozai’s Bending

Avatar the Last Airbender

Who is the best character in avatar: the Last Airbender? Because Aang is the Avatar and the primary character, fans remember many of his appearances throughout the series. He’s a distinctive protagonist, whether when he joins with the moon spirit in the Siege of the North or more lighthearted times as when he goes penguin sledding.

His best and most iconic moment, though, is when he removes his bending rather than killing Ozai. Aang had been struggling with having to kill anyone during Season 3, so this seemed like the ideal way for him to beat the big bad guy, especially since he was still a child. Aang was able to apply what the lion turtle had taught him to his Avatar, and it felt natural.


It’s also worth noting that this ranking is based on animation, writing, and vocal performance (and, even though most Avatars’ characters are nonwhite and from Asian- and/or Native-associated cultures. The majority of Avatar the Last Airbender is voiced by white actors, which Netflix’s live-action reboots promise to change). Finally, I’m omitting characters from the sequel series, The Legend of Korra, because we already have enough on our plates with one show, and I don’t want you to subscribe to CBS All Access, where Korra streams just to watch The Good Fight.

Let’s get a start with the craziness through Side Characters with Main Character Energy. Aang, Katara, and Sokka were initially a little younger, according to series creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko in avatar: the Last Airbender characters ages The Art of the Animated Series. But they got up during development due to a note they received from Eric Coleman, the head of development at Nickelodeon at the time, who said they weren’t looking for coming-of-age stories.

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