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Are Games Bad for Us?

This was asked constantly during the early days of the industry, albeit it was probably rhetorical. Video games were a new technology, and people were doubtful of them. The public actively thought that they were unproductive products that stopped people from doing better things, and this sentiment was particularly true when it came to children. In those days, it seemed as if children had to be protected from video games because as well as causing a sense of apathy, it was also alleged that they could also cause more serious issues such as behavioral problems.

Fortunately, attitudes like these have simmered in recent years as a result of the world-embracing video games. In fact, it is not an overstatement to suggest that video games have become a worldwide phenomenon and one only must look at the figures to support this; just under half the world’s population are gamers. In the face of this, it is incredible that some people still think that video games may be bad for people. In actual fact, they are as bad for people as any other form of media or entertainment source, but video games have a range of benefits too.

Firstly, it is important to get the negatives of video games out of the way. Most things will have positive and negative aspects to them, and video games are no different. When playing video games, gamers will often experience vast worlds that have been filled with carefully thought, intricate lore, and characters that have their own desires and complex backstories. All these combined can lead to a wonderful immersive experience, but this can encourage people to spend too much time on video games. This becomes a problem when it starts to impact people doing other things in their lives, and the extreme end of this could spiral towards addiction. This can be managed easily by allocating a set amount of time to play each day and should not be a problem for most people. It is common to get eye strain when playing video games too, but this can be solved by wearing blue-light-blocking glasses.

With the negatives out of the way, there are innumerable benefits that are afforded to players when it comes to playing video games. For example, they allow gamers to have an escape from the real world. This is important for most people and everyone is encouraged to have something that they can fall into after having a particularly stressful day. Video games would have been the escape tool for million during the lockdowns, but some may have also gambled online instead, here is a William Hill Colorado promo code, though gaming remained the most popular method.

Another way that games are beneficial is that they can be surprisingly educational. The Assassins’ Creed series, while having great gameplay, at the same time are always set in an interesting period of history, meaning that players learn all about it as they navigate their way through the game. Many puzzle games can increase logical thinking, something that is always useful in daily life.

It should now be clear that games are as bad as any other thing that we can enjoy, like TV. The benefits they offer are great though, and everyone should be encouraged to play them for the positive effects they can experience.

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