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Angel Has Fallen Earns $1.5 Million on Thursday Night at Box Office

Angel has fallen one of the famous movies that earned $1.5 million at 2600 North American location on Thursday night. Meanwhile, a Christian drama Overcome soared $775,000 during Thursday night at 1563 locations.

The movie is tracking $12 million to $16 million range while it is expecting that it will expand more than 3286 sites on Friday night.

In the third installment of the Millennium Lionsgate action franchise, Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler, Tim Blake Nelson, Piper Perabo am, and Nick Nolte are joining.

Butler will return as Secret service Agent Mike Banning. He clears his name after being framed for an attack on Freeman’s U.S president Allan Trumbull. He is the speaker of the house in Olympus and the Vice president of London.

Ready or Not is a Fox horror movie that earned $2 million on an opening day at 2244 North America on Wednesday. It is expecting that Fox searchlight will increase about 2840 screens od Ready or Not on Friday.

Overcome is also opening in which Alex Kendrick and directs he co-writes with Stephen Kendrick about high school coach whose faith is tested. It is estimated that Overcome will make around 46 million during the opening event.

The newcomers will appear in a raunchy comedy “Good Boys” that has topped $28 million in first six days. The next is Hobbs and Shaw that earned $138 million in the first three weeks.

Well, Overall in North America movie business expand this year as compared to 2018. In August the total was down %6.7 % at $7.52 billion as well as summer is off 0.8 % at 4.57 billion. Therefore fall should start with a significant hit.


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