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Amer Safaee rising figures

Amer Safaee is one of the newest rising figures in the entrepreneur world. His rapidly-growing business has astonished many, and his ability to conduct fair, honest business in one of the most treacherous markets in the world shows his ability. He invests in new companies and provides them the ability to achieve the success he was able to. From his poor beginning to personal setbacks, Safaee is an inspiration for any new entrepreneur.

Professional Life

He was born in Daykundi, Afghanistan, in 1980. He was born into a poor family, and it seemed as though the odds were against him from the beginning. Determined to not let this stop him, Safaee studied hard in school. He soon learned that he wanted to pursue success in the business world, worked to receive his bachelor’s in IT. This wasn’t enough for Safaee, though. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he went on to change it into an MBA. at the age of 20, he started his own company. His company, known as Bama Security, quickly received notoriety as he used his business expertise to spread to 10 other countries. The countries he spread to included. The United Kingdom, The United Arab States, Tajikistan, Germany, Turkey, and others. This wasn’t enough for Safaee though. He wanted to give others the ability to achieve the same success he did. He recently invested in a fashion company known as Zazz, which has already spread to 5 other countries. His story is astonishing. But it doesn’t just stop there, either.

Despair and Stress Conditions: 

Twice in his life, he lost all his belongings and had to start over from the beginning. This didn’t stop him, though. Despite the despair and stress that he felt from this, he rose up and started again. He preaches using setbacks to motivate you to succeed. He believes that, while education is a crucial aspect of the business, so too are risks. Without taking logical, thought out risks, a business cannot grow. The perfect company is a mix of strategy and risk, Safaee believes. Not only did he lose everything, but the countless obstacles in the middle east marketplace put him at a severe disadvantage.

Despite all the odds being stacked against him, he was able to achieve monumental success. And he did so while promoting open, honest, fair business. He believes that if you conduct business that does not harm others, then god will provide you with success. His incredible story and moral values make him an inspiration to many, and a figure to pay attention to. He wants any new entrepreneurs to know that success is brain work, not bodywork. Work hard to make smart decisions, and you will be rewarded.

Personal Life

Safaee has many loves in life beyond business. Safaee loves to travel. In fact, he is often seen traveling between London, Dubai, and Istanbul. A true businessman, Safaee is ready to travel at a moment’s notice. He is always ready to go where business calls. When he isn’t traveling, Safaee can be seen horseback riding or taking long walks. Safaee has a deep love for animals and feels that when times get too stressful, taking a break and relaxing with animals is a way to make him feel much better.

On particularly stressful days, Safaee is known to take long walks or sit back and relax, watching videos on social media. Safaee spends his wealth on fashion accessories and cars. He prefers brands such as Dior and Louis Vuitton. He loves to purchase and ride in luxury vehicles. Hence; he loves fine-dining and healthy foods, though he does enjoy traditional food from time to time. Safaee is not married and has no kids.

A true inspiration

Safaee lived a life with the odds stacked against him. His poor roots encouraged him to break free and achieve the success that he wanted to become a rising figure. He worked tirelessly to achieve a level of success that he was proud of. He powered through all of the obstacles that the middle east marketplace had in his way, and obtained success for himself. However; he believes that others can also achieve this level of success by putting their minds to work and pursuing their passions as much as they can.

He only condones honest business habits, believing that honest business is the only way to achieve success in God’s favor. Also; he believes that a successful business starts with a strategy, knowledge of the marketplace, and taking necessary risks. His incredible success story and fast ride to success is an incredible example of perseverance and hope. He proves that struggling in the midst of adversity is okay, but you can’t sit in the shallows for too long. Rising up from failure is key, failure is the platform for success. He is always looking to invest in new companies and plans on expanding his company to 50 countries by the end of 2025.

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