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9 Accessories to Make Your Hunting Experience Much More Enjoyable

When hunting season rolls around, participants everywhere pull out all the stops. And when it comes to bagging that big buck you’ve been tracking for weeks, there’s no such thing as too much gear.

But perhaps you’re looking for that final piece of equipment that will round out your setup and put you in the perfect position. If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the accessories to make your hunting experience much more enjoyable this season.

Check it out.

Shooting Rest

The key to nailing your shot is usually patience, but steadiness is also an integral factor. Shaky hands and a wavering grip can easily mess up your moment. That’s where a shooting rest comes into play.

A shooting rest gives you a solid surface on which to place your rifle. If you have trouble keeping yourself steady, it’s a great accessory that can make your life so much easier. The adjustable height settings let you customize your setup, so you’re ready to line up the perfect shot.

Thermal Layer

Nothing is enjoyable when you’re freezing and shivering. And since plenty of hunting seasons – think duck and deer – land during the winter, you’re bound to get cold.

One of the best ways to make your hunting experience more enjoyable by far is to invest in a good thermal layer.

Thermal layers, such as thermal underwear, are fantastic because they keep you warm without weighing you down with tons of bulk. This lay will lock in your body heat and keep you comfortable for those long hours in the woods.

Trust us on this one – you’re going to want some thermal gear. 

Seat Back Gun Sling

Gun storage is extremely vital during hunting season. As your principal tool, you must carry it safely. A good seat-back gun sling gives you an easy way to transport your firepower from home to the tree stand without any hassle.

The gun sling hangs behind your driver and passenger seat. Not only does it feature slings to hang two rifles in, but it also comes with convenient storage pockets for other odds and ends. There’s no more messing with bulky gun cases.

243 Winchester Ammo

Plenty of hunters will stick to one brand of ammo and one brand only. And if that’s going to be your MO, Winchester is a great brand to choose from. Different brands offer different things, and Winchester has been reliably producing brilliant ammunition since 1866.

The Norma 243 Win Whitetail 100 Grain ammo is a pointed soft point brass round designed for any medium-sized game. Its flat trajectory makes it a highly popular ammo for deer hunters everywhere – sure to make your hunting experience a breeze.

Blood Tracking Flashlight

The best day in any hunter’s life is when he finally shoots that big buck. You all know the one – the buck that’s going up on your wall. But far too often, this kill happens close to sundown, and suddenly, you’re tracking the deer blindly through the nighttime woods.

One accessory that every hunter should have is a blood-tracking flashlight. These flashlights operate as regular flashlights, which helps get back to your truck, but they also feature unique UV light settings that highlight blood trails.

Take back hours of your life and save precious time with one of these bad boys and find your kill that much quicker.   

Seat Pad

This one might seem excessive, but anyone who has spent hours sitting on the cold, hard ground will find instant comfort in an insulated hunting seat cushion. Whether you’re sitting on the dirt or in a tree, a seat pad can elevate your hunting experience.

Insulated pads are ideal, especially for ground sitting, because they block out the cold radiating upwards from beneath you. The cushion offers a much more comfortable place to sit so you can focus on tracking your game instead of your aching rear end.  

Electric Hand Warmer

The cold will likely be your toughest challenge throughout the hunting season. You can dress in the warmest gear there is, but sometimes you need a little something extra. We recommend an electric hand warmer.

An electric hand warmer is a compact device that rapidly generates heat on demand. It’s easy to use and great for keeping right in your pocket for warmth at your convenience.

Many hand warmers, like the one linked above, come with other features. This one is a power source that lets you charge your phone in an emergency. It also has a convenient flashlight.

Range Finder

Range finders are very helpful in deer hunting – particularly during bow season. Your aim changes based on how far a deer is, so you must have a pretty accurate idea of the distance.

Range finders quickly tell you approximately how far your target is from you. They work efficiently and are extremely easy to operate. If you’ve been going without one up until this point, it’s time to step your game up and purchase one that works well.


As a hunter, the last thing on your mind is cuts and scrapes. After all, nothing will stop you from climbing into a tree – even an injury. That’s why we recommend every hunter carries QuickClot with them.

QuickClot is a hospital- and military-grade gauze that’s proven to stop bleeding five times faster than your average gauze. It’s perfect for anyone on the go who doesn’t have time to turn around and head home.

Out in the woods, injuries tend to happen. You don’t have to let them slow you down by being prepared with simple equipment like this. 

Final Thoughts

Are these accessories things that you need to have a good hunt? No, of course not. But they certainly elevate the hunting experience and can make things much more enjoyable.

Whether it’s comfort, convenience, or things that just make sense, any of these items can help step up your game and gear you up for an excellent hunting season.

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