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8 Best Color Schemes for Exposed Brick Walls

An exposed brick walls and eye-catching decor for your home interior. You can set rustic, modern, industrial, or traditional themes into space instantly only by painting one wall of a room into an exposed brick wall format. In this post, I will tell you about the best color schemes for exposed brick walls. Besides, you will get some answers to the most common questions you have regarding a brick wall. So, continue reading and explore more about Exterior Paint Colors For House and Living room with exposed brick wall gray paint Interior.

8 Best Color Schemes for Exposed Brick Walls

Here is how you add a tint of charm into your home interior through 8 color schemes for your exposed brick walls.

  1. When you have grey paint all over your room, then you can make its combo with a black or white exposed brick wall.
  2. The white-washed fireplace is usually a focal point of the living room, and you can paint it in dark shades like red, orange, and blue. This is how you bring an instant appeal to your family space.
  3. Black exposed brick walls look great when you have white walls in your bedroom
  4. Play with pink colors when you have a plan to set an exposed brick wall in your teen girl room
  5. Cream hue brings brightness into a sunroom where you often go for relaxation after work.
  6. Red exposed walls make a dramatic appeal into a modern living room whose walls are painted with creamy soft shades.
  7. Orange is the best shade when you want to bring a classic touch to your kitchen exposed brick wall.
  8. The Interior designer picked dark blue glaze for the exposed brick wall in a bedroom where other room walls are painted either white or peach.

Let’s dig deeper into the Bricks Color Scheme.

The incomplete, modern look is in Interior Paint Colors. This means uncovered block is extremely popular. The interesting look of these open dividers makes improving to some degree implying with Exterior Paint Colors For House. However, as a general rule, there are plenty of lively shading choices that pleasantly praise uncovered block. 

Red with Pink

Pair those dusty red blocks are stylish exposed brick walls that look like an energetic hint of red paint. The rich tone will combine well with the differing red tones in the blocks. Who said a lot of one tone was something terrible? This monochromatic shading plan will carry a nonpartisan tone to the room, which makes a strong, present-day look. 

Delicate Greens and Mint 

The cooling shade of pastel mint will light up the gritty tones of the uncovered block. How are we so sure how that this red-green mix is a champ? They’re directly opposite one another on the shading wheel! With the right delicate green shade, your uncovered block facade will go from dull to fab. 

Unbiased Tan 

You can never turn out badly with unbiased shadings. The adaptable idea of hearty earthy colors and yellows makes it a wonderful supplement to your incomplete block. Track down a warm tan to paint your leftover room dividers, carrying an enticing feel to your home. This nonpartisan space offers you the ideal chance to light up the room with fun furnishings and craftsmanship. 

Stylish Orange 

Albeit red blocks matched with orange shades seem like an odd blend, the tones pair shockingly well together. Regardless of whether you’re going for a profound warm living space or a splendid fly of shading in your kitchen, orange paint is the best approach. 

Exemplary White 

Circulating on the more current side, white paint is an incredible commendation to your uncovered block facade. Particularly those white shades with hotter feelings. The fresh, clean feel of white paint pleasantly balances the tense, modern feel of block. For additional tips on coordinating blocks into your home, connect with the experts that offer Home Decoration Removable Waterproof Wallpaper. 

How to paint a wall to look like an exposed brick?

I can share an easy way to turn your wall into an exposed brick wall look through a simple wallpaper paste. You don’t need to use real bricks for adding an aesthetic appeal of exposed brick on your wall. All you need to do is to take two tablespoons of cornflour and mix it with 2 cups of water. Mix it in a bowl and then bring the mixture to boil in a pot. Give it an hour to get cold. Now paint this temporary wallpaper paste on your wall and get a white-washed exposed brick wall look instantly. Another method is to use faux brick panels that help you turn a dull wall into an exposed brick wall.

Living room with exposed brick wall gray paint Interior

What color to paint the wall with a red brick fireplace?

As you already have a warm shade on your fireplace, it is suggested to make its combo with soft palettes. Colors that go aesthetically with red are pink, peach, lime, grey, white, and lavender. In case you have a plan to set the accent wall theme next to the red fireplace, you can give a try to black or dark-grey since both shades add dramatic appeal to space.

How to color a brick wall?

You can add color to your brick wall through two different methods. One common way we all know is to paint it with your desired shade. Another method that is more effective than wall painting is staining a brick wall. Although you get limited color options with staining, it adds great aesthetic appeal to your space. You can check online some amazing brick wall color ideas when it comes to picking a shade for your brick wall. Many people prefer Living room with exposed brick wall gray paint Interior.

What color should I paint my interior brick wall?

When it comes to the selection of interior brick wall shade, you can go with any shade you like. But if you want to follow color choices which people commonly make, then you can give a try to blue glaze, Charcoal, red, skin, peach, cream, grey, light-yellow.

Dove grey wall what color for brick fireplace

Grey is one of my favorite shades when it comes to the bedroom wall, if you ask me what should be adjacent fireplace paint color then I will ask you to go for red and black ( since I love this combination). Other fireplace exposed brick wall color ideas include bright-white, light-orange, natural-brown shade, white-wash, soft red, and dark grey.

Can brick be painted?

Yes, you can paint bricks. You can either hire a contractor to paint your brick walls or opt for a DIY approach. Usually, when you decide to set an accent exposed brick wall in a bedroom or living room, you can paint these bricks on your own. All you need to do is to follow a step-by-step guide of DIY exposed brick wall tutorial.

What are the different colors of brick?

When it comes to setting a brick wall, you have varied brick color options such as burgundy, brown, red, orange, pink, grey, white, tan, buff, blue, and cream. So, pick a shade that suits your home’s interior or Exterior Paint Colors For House.

Is painting brick a bad idea?

Painting brick is considered a bad idea because this action not only disguises the natural characteristics of brick but also because paint traps moisture inside a brick. Brick is porous; therefore, it quickly absorbs moisture that comes from its environment. How much humidity a brick can absorb is dependent on its quality. When you paint a brick wall, you paint both brick and mortar. When the wall absorbs moisture, then it doesn’t vaporize through mortar; and this trapped moisture can deteriorate the wall.

Can you stain brick a different color?   

You can stain your brick a different color as and when you need. One important thing you need to note at this point is that not all the brick stains are compatible with bricks. If you have dark brick, then you can’t stain it a lighter tone. The trendiest shades you can get are rustic brown, vintage red, blue brick glaze, Charcoal, and yellow. When you want to set a soothing classic theme, then brown or red seems like the best option. A dark touch can be added to the wall through Charcoal and blue glaze, so these shades look perfect in a bright environment. Yellow brings brightness and liveliness into space, so it is considered the best interior shade for a bedroom brick wall and Exterior Paint Colors For House.

Wrap up

Now you have got a complete idea about the best color schemes for exposed brick walls and how to paint your interior brick wall with a fantastic color palette. Although, we provided answers to common questions one has regarding brick walls and Living room with exposed brick wall gray paint Interior. But I can’t address every single question in this post. So, if you still have some questions, feel free to ask.