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5 Tips To Reduce Your Internet Bill

If your family is looking to pinch a few pennies every month, it’s a good idea to take a harder look at all of your bills, including the bill for your internet service. With families working from home, learning from home, and trying to stay connected to friends and family the only way they can; internet service has become essential to everyday life. While we can’t make your bill completely disappear, we do have some tips you can use to help you reduce your internet bill every month without having to cancel your service no matter your provider – whether it be a 4G home internet solution, Verizon, HughesNet, AT&T, or MetroNet internet. Let’s get started!

Stop Leasing Your Equipment

Are you leasing your modem, router, or both? Do you even know if you are? If you’re unsure whether or not you’re leasing your equipment, you can find out by reviewing your latest internet bill. Look for charges that you don’t recognize or are labeled as ‘equipment fee’ or ‘router fee’. Consumers everywhere have added equipment fees ranging from $8-$15 a month thinking their equipment has been included or are completely unaware of the extra monthly charge. If your modem router combo isn’t included in your monthly rate, it’s an added cost you can eliminate! You can buy your own equipment to omit the extra charges. Over time it can save you money if you stick with your internet provider long enough.

Drop Down An Internet Plan Tier

Do you know what internet speeds you pay for? If you’re not sure, you might be paying for too much internet. To find out your options, it would be worth your time to call your internet provider. You can downgrade or upgrade your internet service at any time if you choose to. We do recommend that you don’t purposefully get an internet plan that’s too slow for your everyday use. It’s not worth the aggravation for a few extra dollars back in your pocket every month.

Another option to reduce your internet bill, if you’re paying for a data allowance, are you using all of it? You could be paying for data that expires at the end of your billing cycle. You can also find this out through your internet provider or online where you pay for your bill.

Pay Your Internet Bill On Time

Do you forget to pay your bill sometimes? Make sure you pay your bill on time! Many internet providers charge late fees, disconnect fees and reconnect fees. Don’t overpay your internet provider for something that can easily be avoided by signing up for autopay or online bill pay through your bank. Whatever method you choose to pay on time, the money you’re saving is money better spent elsewhere.

Negotiate For A Better Rate

If you’re upset with your monthly bill, you can always try to negotiate with your internet provider for a better monthly rate. We recommend that you go into negotiations well-armed with knowledge. Your first step should be finding out what you’re paying for now, including the internet speeds, data plan and extra services you’re paying for. When you call your internet provider’s customer service, it’s also important to go into the conversation level headed. Don’t be rude or crass and try to be as professional as you possibly can. The service representative on the other side of the line will be more willing to help you if you treat them with respect.

Switch Internet Providers

When negotiating for a better rate fails or doesn’t go the way you want it to, the next step is to consider switching internet providers. It doesn’t hurt anything to do your research and shop around even if you decide not to switch service providers after all.

While shopping around, you’ll find that most internet providers will offer special prices you can reduce your internet bill and deals to new customers that switch over to their service. If you find an internet plan with another provider that better suits your budget, first make sure you’re not in a contract with your current internet provider before you cancel. You’ll also need to return all of their equipment right after canceling the service. We recommend that you schedule your new internet service’s installation before canceling your current internet service so you don’t wind up without any service at all.

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