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5 Health Issues Middle Age Men Often Face

Health issues is Wealth Thus, taking care of your body is necessary for you to lead a healthy and fruitful life. Following unhealthy work practices, and lack of awareness causes a steady deterioration of your health. If you are in your 40s, then you must be aware of some of the critical diseases that can cause a health concern. Some of these diseases are:

Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes can happen to anyone. There isn’t a direct correlation between body weight and diabetes before it occurs. Type 2 diabetes happens when the body stops responding to cells producing insulin. This could be due to an injury, free radical generation or poor circulation. Once the production of insulin decreases in the body, sugar’s content increases in the bloodstream. As the cells become more resistant to insulin, the pancreas produces more insulin. This process continues until the time when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin fast enough to lower blood sugar levels. To catch diabetes at an early stage, the blood sugar test must be done post taking a meal. To prevent this disease from happening, you must exercise regularly and control your diet.

Cardiac diseases

High cholesterol level is a critical illness that can happen during the middle age in men. The LDL cholesterol level should be in control. This is a bad form of cholesterol that gets stuck in the linings of veins and arteries causing a blockage. This blockage can reduce blood flow and cause a heart attack. Another key health issue is inflammation. This can be done by testing of C-reactive protein, also known as C-RP. Inflammation of the arteries can also cause a heart attack. To reduce cholesterol and inflammation you can eat less fatty foods. Also, ensure that your diet consists of only the good omega-3 fats. Daily exercise schedules should also be followed diligently.

You can’t tell from the outside whether someone’s heart is healthy. At the population level, people classified as obese are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease than people who aren’t. Online heart prescription delivery can help you maintain your heart health

Premature Ejaculation

Various psychological and biological factors can cause premature ejaculation in men. During middle age, some men might be experiencing stress, anxiety or relationship problems. Moreover, hormonal imbalance, inflammation of prostate or urethra, etc. can also occur in the 40s. All these factors can cause premature ejaculation in men. This can lead to fertility problems also. Thus, it is important to take periodic breaks from work to keep your stress levels low. If you are undergoing a strain in your relationship, then you can go for therapy. You can even consult with a doctor and opt for ayurvedic medication to solve this medical condition. Consult a sexologist of Indore to get the best advice.



Health Issues Middle Age Men causes of deaths in men aged between 45 to 65 is lung cancer. Smoking is a major contributor to lung cancer. Chemicals in the smoke destroy antioxidants in the bloodstream. This reduces the body’s ability to fight cancer. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in men. The best way to counter cancer would be to leave smoking tobacco and maintain a healthy diet. And to catch cancer at an early stage, get regular health check-ups.


Depression and suicide

Research done by The National Institute of Mental Health mentions that at least 6 million men suffer from depression including suicidal tendencies. If you feel fatigued, anxious, hopeless, loss of appetite, sleeping difficulty, etc. then you must consult your doctor. These symptoms are signs of depression. Depression can cause stress, trauma, or physical illnesses. Even though depression can happen at any age, middle-aged men are most prone to it. Getting regular exercise, sharing your thoughts, communicating with friends and family, seeking professional help, etc. are some of the ways in which you can combat depression. Don’t feel ashamed or hesitant to express your thoughts, you will feel a lot better after doing so.

Save Life

These are some of the top health concerns that middle-aged men face. Get these health issues under control to make your life smoother. Proper diet and regular exercise should do the trick for you. Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor if you feel any of the symptoms that you are concerned about. An early diagnosis can save your life.

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