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E-Cigarettes And Cardiovascular Health What You Should Know

Since the invention of tobacco, both smokers and non-smokers’ health has been at risk. Many illnesses have been associated with this habit, especially those related to the cardiovascular system such as stroke, heart failure, and blood pressure problems. Today, e-cigarettes are quickly taking the place of tobacco cigarettes. There are available many varieties of the vape at two habits have differences and similarities, but the bottom line is that both affect health negatively according to information discovered by medical researchers. Let us dive deeper into the relationship between e-cigarettes and cardiovascular health.

E-Cigarettes Explained

These are electronic devices that use battery power to heat a coil that burns e-liquid in a tank to produce vapor. Users inhale the vapor, which contains different ingredients depending on preference. Standard e-liquid is a fluid that contains nicotine, water, VG or PG, and flavors. cardiovascular health concerns that experts have are based on the type of e-liquid that is used.

Apart from vaping the typical e-liquid that we have mentioned, people can vape other ingredients such as marijuana, CBD, herbs, and essential oils among many other things. These too have various effects, and it is crucial for someone to fully understand the effect of what they are using.

How E-Cigarettes Affect Cardiovascular Health

Nicotine in eliquid has toxins. Unfortunately, this is the bitter truth. When consumed, it may affect your heart. The challenges people go through might vary, but here are the common ones.

  •       Deteriorating arteries and arterioles – their ability to contract and relax is crucial to creating the optimum blood pressure. Some researchers examined mice that were exposed to vapor with nicotine. They concluded that humans are also at the same risk if they continue to vape.
  •       Heart attack and failure – vaping increases the chances of experiencing a heart attack or heart failure. Studies have shown that excessive vaping might harm the endothelium, a thin membrane in the heart that is key to its proper functioning. As such, a vaper has a higher chance of suffering stroke and heart attack.
  •       Illnesses – as mentioned earlier, nicotine-based e-liquids contain toxins. They are triggers of illnesses in the body. These toxins increase the chances of contracting cancer, a blood clot in the heart, and other related health problems.

Are E-Cigarettes Safer?

E-cigarettes and cardiovascular health have been promoted as a safer alternative to tobacco. Theeart disease prevention experts have warned users against this notion. They are not safe especially when used heavily. Also, people are in greater danger 


If you are starting out as a vaper or switching to it from smoking, consult a cardiovascular health effect expert to understand the new risks that you are moving to. From the above insights, you have a hint of all the issues to which you are exposing your heart. The good thing is that there are precautions that you can take to reduce this.

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