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5 Benefits of Listening to Ocean Waves

One of the most relaxing sounds is water. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably put your child in a bathtub of water to calm them down. As an adult, how many times has a shower or warm bath helped you unwind after a long day? Science supports the benefits of water and the ocean on our lives. A San Diego whale watching tour can be very relaxing and enjoyable, not only because you’ll be interacting with nature, but because you’ll be able to hear the ocean waves.

The Sounds of Water Rest Your Brain

Water is good for your brain, to give a rest from the information highway. Water sounds are often used in meditation to create a soothing place of solace. Your mind slows down. The rhythm of the waves can help your brain find a new pace, which lets you slow down and relax.

The Minerals in Sea Air Are Calming

Being next to the ocean isn’t just calming because of the sounds, the minerals in the ocean water are healing. Salt and potassium chloride are preservatives, leading to more melatonin in your body. Magnesium hydrates your skin. When you’re surrounded by the ocean while whale watching Encinitas, you refresh your mind and body.

Water Inspires You to Be Better

When you’re surrounded by nature, you switch gears in your mind. The water and beauty around you can help you be less egocentric. You become more empathetic. It’s easier to connect with others because you have a sense of awe of the reverence of the world. Your mind slows down, which lets you remember that you’re just a small part of the world.

Water Inspires You to Be Creative

Blue is a calming color. When you combine the sight and sounds of the ocean, your brain gets a boost. You can get out of your mental rut and think differently when you’re near the ocean. Your mind is opened to new opportunities as you look out across the waves, looking for the end of the horizon. The sense of awe you experience can help you be more satisfied with your life.

Water Is White Noise

Many people use white noise to go to sleep. White noise helps you let go of certain thoughts while learning to be present at the moment. It’s kind of like blocking out unwanted sounds. San Diego whale watching tours give you the opportunity to take your mind on a mini holiday. And because you’ll want to leave your phone in a safe place, you won’t be distracted by messages and emails from work and friends.

The Sun, Surf and Wildlife Are Refreshing, Too

The warmth of the sun is good for your endocrine system, which releases feel-good hormones to help you combat depression. Sightings of nature remind you of childhood and simpler times. Some people get more inspired to take a walk when they’re by the ocean, another benefit of water and its sounds.

Give yourself an afternoon of relaxation. Rejuvenate your mind and body with a whale watching tour in San Diego that will sweep you away from your rut.

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