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4 Fitbit Accessories To Try With Fitbit Versa

4 Fitbit Accessories To Try With Fitbit Versa

Fitbit accessories bring an extensive collection of fitness devices for its users. But people who prefer the style and full-day workout routine opt for Fitbit Versa. This smartwatch keeps you on your workout routine track all day long. It also brings some useful applications that add some quality to your life. Getting notifications of a birthday, an event, or something essential for you to is possible right from your wrist.

When it comes to changing the design and look of your Fitbit smartwatch, you always search for the best straps. So, in this post, you will be able to check the six best Fitbit accessories that complement Fitbit Versa. The fact is that there are tons of accessories that work well with Versa. However, I picked only those who have excellent customer ratings and reviews.

1.Fitbit Flyer headphones

Looking for some new headphones which go well with your Fitbit Versa, I suggest you consider Flyer. They are designed mainly for Fitbit Ionic, but you can use them with Versa. They are sweat-proof headphones, so you can wear them while you are working out. The only problem with them is their price; they cost you more than $60.

2. Silicone sport wristband from Caseflex Fitbit accessories

Do you like Fitbit charger to swim without removing your smartwatch? If this is you often do, then you should opt for silicone sport wristband. When you look at its price, you think it is cheap and has no good in it. While the fact is that it is a perfect quality strap that unlocks different color choices for you. The only problem is that it won’t last as long as your own Fitbit strap. So, don’t toss your real strap for silicone one. You can find this sport wristband in amazing shades such as orange, dark red, purple, and many others.

3.Fitbit Versa 2 in 1 Charging Dock

Versa comes with its charging dock. However, when you need a useful fit bit accessory, you can think of this dock from Hagibis. Fitbit charger It not only charges your smartwatch but also hold your smartphone. Keep in mind that this dock is designed to charge your smartwatch only. The good thing about this dock is that it doesn’t require you to remove the straps of a smartwatch. You can charge your Versa with its straps. What you might not like about this charging dock is its material. It has plastic construction which offers cheap feel

4. Tempered glass screen protector from CAVN

Many of us Fitbit charger think that our smartwatch doesn’t require any glass protector, which is nothing but self-deception. Your smartwatch has a screen that requires some protection. It is good to stay on the safe side. This glass protector is compact and thin. It covers Versa screen in a way that you don’t even notice its existence. It is featured with water-proof, ultra-clear, and scratch resistance. An accident to a smartwatch is inevitable, so you should protect its screen. The cost of this glass protector is less than $10, super affordable. Keep in mind that this protection is only for the screen’s security; you won’t get body protection through it.

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