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10 Best Christmas desserts to make in 2022

The Christmas holiday season is full of hustling. From making the perfect turkey or making roasted tomatoes. From socializing with family members to decorating the garden and house, to buying the perfect Christmas tree with ribbons and Christmas cake. Everyone tries to excel and shine compared to their neighbors and family relatives. Everyone tries to make this day memorable. When planning the food for Christmas, it is hard to know where to start and what to make to outsmart the previous year. Desserts are the most awaited meal of the day, which can make your dinner. At the dinner table, mouthwatering desserts like puddings, cakes, ice cream, cupcakes, chocolate, and other sweet treats are iconic. Here we have mentioned some of the best Christmas desserts to make this year. 

Best Christmas desserts to make this year 

Here are the ten best Christmas desserts to make in 2022: 

1. Red Velvet Cheesecake 

10 Best Christmas deserts to make in 2022

Red velvet cheesecake is the best underrated mouthwatering cheesecake of all time. This type of cake added with cheesecake is a perfect recipe for rich-creamy Christmas delight. It has an exotic mixture of cocoa with cheese and chocolate crust makes it a mind-blowing combination. To make these best Christmas desserts, you have to cool it for 8 hours. The preparation time will take 20 minutes. Then the oven will hold your cake for 10 minutes. And finally, eight hours later, Your long wait will be over. 

2. Christmas Fudge 

best Christmas desserts

When it comes to holiday treats, fudge holds a place among other desserts. Although it has many flavors for Christmas, classic chocolate is the number one choice. Sweet condensed milk turns melted chocolate into milk ganache. Meanwhile, expresso and salt add to the flavor of the chocolate. Fudge topped with red, green, and white sprinkles is a delightful contrast to its velvety surface. Flake salt will result in flaky crystals’ appearance, which will make its look more fun and sophisticated. 

3. White Christmas Pavlovas

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Pavlovas made for Christmas are light as clouds and puffy as marshmallows. They will take your Christmas dinner to a whole new level. These pavlovas are although puffy but are gluten-free, hence will promote weight loss.  These vanilla pavlovas are fun DIY with an assortment of fruits and banana slices. 

4. Flourless Chocolate Espresso Cake 


This decadent chocolate cake with espresso flavors doesn’t need bells and whistles to be elegant. This flourless chocolate cake’s flavor enhances with a sweet espresso whipped cream. A recipe from Allrecipes user Debbie says, “I took this to a holiday party full of foodies, and they loved it.” 

5. Snowy Vanilla Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream 

Christmas cake

This Mouthwatering eye-catchy cake is not only delicious, but its cake ornaments make it perfect for Christmas. It has aromatic layers of egg whites and vanilla extract. Save time by making layers in advance; freeze layers until you are ready to assemble them. Top this cake with cream frosting to make it perfect for Christmas.

6. Buche de Noel 

10 Best Christmas deserts to make in 2022

It is a traditional French Christmas cake, decorated and shaped like a log and decorated with meringue “mushrooms” and “moss” made from chopped pistachio nuts. To make this delicious roulade, spread or sift powdered sugar in a rectangle 15 x 10 inches on a linen towel. Sugar rectangles should be as large as the baking pan, if not a little larger. Take the cake out of the oven and turn it out onto the sugar-coated towel. Then peel the wax paper off the cake. Trim any crisp edges if necessary. Carefully roll up the cake and towel together. Place on a wire rack to cool completely. Unroll the cake and remove the towel. You can brush the cake with a mixture of sugar and hot coffee. And finally, your roulade is ready. 

7. Christmas Confetti Roulade 

10 Best Christmas deserts to make in 2022

With an orange liqueur-spiked filling and a lemon-infused frosting, this soft confetti cake recipe is delicious. You can add Christmas sprinkles to make it a kid’s favorite. Let it cool for at least an hour to make a cake roll. You don’t have to worry about cracking as you would be rolling it up on frosting. 

8. Red Velvet Santa Hat Meringues

10 Best Christmas deserts to make in 2022

These Santa hat cookies are the perfect way to welcome Santa on Christmas Eve. Hopefully, the kids will get a couple of cookies from him. For brightest results, use concentrated red food coloring gel (not liquid food coloring). If you don’t open the oven after it has turned off, the meringues will dry faster. 

9. Rice Krispies Christmas 

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The Christmas season is incomplete without the treats of Rice Krispies. It has an exotic taste of sweet and salty. You can decorate in a uniform format with different sprinklers and patterns. The number of choices is endless; decorate it as you like to stand out in the Christmas season. 

10. Snowball Cake 

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This cake is flavored with lemon and vanilla extracts, frosted with glossy vanilla, and topped with flaked coconut. An ingenious way to make mini cakes for winter parties is to cut a simple sheet cake into two-inch rounds using a biscuit cutter. You can serve the snowball cake immediately after frosting.

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