What is Coronavirus? Symptoms, Treatment and Safety Measures Explained

Coronavirus has become widespread all over the world. Many countries have got locked down to stop the spred of covid -19. For the last 2 months, corona virus has caused big trouble for the people. Initially in China and now it is getting spread to a major part of the world, leading to more than 35,000 deaths and more than 8,00,000 positive cases.

Following Details 

Today, we have brought this post to make you all know about what is coronavirus in detail, what are its symptoms, coronavirus treatment and what you should do at this crucial time. Let us read ahead and know about the virus to safeguard ourselves.


What is Coronavirus?


Corona Virus is stated  in China with a single person getting infected and then the number of infected people getting increased day by day. It is like a chain reaction where the infected people get multiplied.

History of virus

This is not the first time we are seeing such a virus; it was seen in the 1960s for the first time. It belongs to the family of the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus.


In 2003, nearly 750 people died due to SARS. In 2012, the Middle East faced respiratory syndrome and killed nearly 850 people in Africa, Saudi Arabia, Asia, and Europe. Now, in 2020, the world is seeing the Novel Coronavirus which is proving to be even more dangerous for us according to Wordometer.

Disasters of Corona Virus

Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system and people face difficulty in breathing. It is having a low death chance but as there is no vaccine currently, it is taking much time to treat the patients.

This virus stays for a long time on the contaminated places and objects so any person touches any contaminated object, he will get infected too.

Let us check out the symptoms of this virus now.

Corona virus Symptoms Signs


  • Cough
  • Respiratory problem (Having difficulty in breathing)
  • Sneezing
  • Runny Nose
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Itching in Throat

How It Is Transmitted?

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It is an infectious disease so if any infected person coughs or sneezes and if the droplets get into contact with any other person then that other person will be infected.

If any person touches any contaminated surface such as door handle, water tap, table or any other then he will get infected. One should avoid touching outside places unnecessarily as this will help to avoid getting infected.


What you should do?

What you should do

If one has gone outside and has touched too many places then one should wash his hands with sanitizer thoroughly for 20 seconds to kill the virus.

Doctors recommend washing the hands with a good sanitizer (having 99% alcohol in it) when you have touched any contaminated place as it will kill the virus and you won’t get infected.

Safty Measures of Corona Virus

Everyone should cover their mouth while they sneeze to avoid spreading the droplets. The best way to remain safe at this time is to stay at home. When you go outside then there are high chances of getting infected so it is better to stay at home.

Social Distansing

If you are talking with someone then maintain a distance of 1 meter. This is called social distancing. It helps to stop spreading the virus as people are maintaining a good distance between them while talking so there are fewer chances of the virus getting transferred from one person to another.


Coronavirus treatment:


There is no Coronavirus vaccine yet found out for this virus but one can certainly prevent it from getting spread and prevent oneself from getting infected. If you have travelled internationally then you should self-quarantine yourself for 14 days. This will help to protect yourself and other peoples

preventive Measures of corona virus.

One should do the following tasks to avoid getting the infection.

  1. Wash hands with a sanitizer having a good amount of alcohol in it. Keep rubbing the fingers and palm of the hands for 20-30 seconds. Do this practice regularly during the day when you get in contact with something contaminated.


  1. Don’t touch your hands unnecessarily to your face as the virus gets spread from your hands to your face. In this way, the virus won’t get spread to your nose, mouth, and eyes and you will be safe.
Awareness About Corona Virus
  1. Drink a good amount of water regularly during the day.


  1. Don’t shake hands with anyone.


  1. Keep social distance while you talk with someone. (a distance of at least 1 meter)


  1. Avoid getting out of your house, stay at home and be safe.


  1. Be extra careful at the airport, railway station and other public places where there is a lot of crowd. Wear your mask and don’t touch any place until necessary.


Who is likely to be more infected from corona virus


Kids below 2 years and senior citizens having the age of 60 or more are likely to be quickly infected by this virus. They are more prone to this virus so one must take utmost care to stop them from getting infected.


Kids go out and play and so they are at high risk of getting infected. Make them understand about this disease and tell them how important is to stay at home. If they go out and return to home then make them wash their hands first.


People age 60 and more and also at high risk so they should also avoid going out and coming in contact with other people.


Maintain Hygiene at Home


It is very important to maintain hygiene at home during this time. One should clean the door handles, water taps, sofas, kitchen, washroom, and other places properly. This will help to remove the virus at any place. Wear your gloves while you clean your home so you remain safe.


Keep one thing in mind that we have to stop the spread of the virus so do preventive actions as more as you can. Have different towels for each member of your family. Even at home, keep social distance with your family members. Wear a mask if possible while talking in your house too.




So, here was a detailed guide on Coronavirus infection. We all have to fight this virus and stop it from spreading more and the only way to do that is to lock yourself at home. If we all lockdown ourselves then it is the best way we can kill this virus. Be Safe, be Strong and be Positive!