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Myths Surrounding Buying YouTube Views with The Marketing Heaven

Buying YouTube views is not a new thing and has always been a debatable subject. Whether you want to rank higher, gain more subscribers, or give your videos the social proof they need, before you decide to purchase views, that are few myths you should know about that we discussed with the team at The Marketing Heaven.

  1. Your Video Will Be Deleted

One of the most common myths about purchasing views is that YouTube will delete your video. However, this completely false. YouTube is a video-sharing network and only deletes content that is illegal or goes against their Terms of Service. So, if you are thinking about buying views, do not let this myth stop you.

  1. Account Will Get Banned

This is false. Again, the only reason for an account to be banned is positing illegal content or content that goes against their terms of service. If YouTube banned accounts for simply buying views, then almost everyone would be doing so in order to get their competition banned.

  1. All Purchased Views are Fake

Most people assume that bought views are generated by auto bots. However, this could not be further from the truth. Bought views, especially from reputable sources are not entirely inorganic or fake. It basically means you paid someone to watch your video, rather than finding it organically. Purchase high quality views at The Marketing Heaven.

Also, it can be said that you purchase views from the platform itself via ads, as they guarantee views based on a certain amount. When it comes to purchasing views, some providers offer bot-generated views, while others offer genuine, quality views. You’ll want to go with the latter.

  1. The View Count Won’t Go Beyond 301

What most people don’t realize is that YouTube usually pauses the view count at 301 to check if the video is getting views artificially or organically. Even if YouTube knows you have purchased views, they won’t halt the view count. In fact, purchasing views can help you get unstuck if for some reason you’re stuck.

  1. You Do Not Need to Buy Comments and Likes

When it comes to purchasing views, people also think that comments and likes are not important, or will come naturally. However, depending on how your video gained views, this is not always the case. Purchasing comments and likes, in addition, encourage others to comment and like as well and boosts your social proof. With YouTube prioritizing engagement rates in ranking, likes and comments are more important than ever. With YouTube wanting to lure more people into the platform, you can be certain that emphasis on engagement will continue to increase.

  1. All Purchased Views Are the Same

This could not be further from the truth. Purchased views actually vary vastly, from demographic and location to click-through rates and viewer retention. Views from cheap providers are usually from click farms and bots, but the quality ones come from social media and websites. Click farms and bot-generated views can get you into trouble and even hurt your online reputation or brand. You get what you pay for, and so, if you’re going to purchase views, ensure you do your homework and seek a reputable provider.

  1. Top YouTubers Don’t Purchase Views

Most people have the impression that buying views is only done by amateurs and beginners. However, this is not actually true. With the many benefits buying high-quality, authentic views have to offer, it’s not surprising there are many top YouTubers, artists, celebrities, and companies that purchase views. They might have different reasons for doing so, but the fact remains that buying views is particularly common.

  1. It’s the Ultimate Strategy

Even though buying views is not illegal and has a lot of benefits, unfortunately, it is not the ultimate strategy. It is merely a tactic among many that help a channel gain more views and social proof on the internet. YouTube does not just consider views when it comes to ranking. It mostly puts emphasis on engagement. As such, as you purchase views, you’ll want to have other tactics in place to help put your channel in a good ranking position.

As you can see, there are many myths surrounding buying views, and this is mostly attributed to people seeing it as unethical and not knowing YouTube’s terms and conditions. With this knowledge, you can now make an informed decision.

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