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YOUR CARDBOARD SIGN – Demo sign, festival poster and billboard in one – Lightweight, stable and environmentally friendly

Not all events call for a permanent sign. Those events, demonstrations, presentations, and others or when you can use temporary signage, a cardboard sign is an effective and great solution. These custom signs come with an array of traditional alternatives able to serve most. Cardboard signs are available at an economic price ensuring your logo and brand be displayed to the utmost potential. It is the best way to express your message reinforced materials formed the best quality cardboard with the visibility to fit any dimensional interest for private occasions or any business. You can use these cardboard signs for the following purposes.

  • Decide the time frame
  • Applicable for any idea or theme
  • Construction signage
  • POP materials
  • Political fundraising
  • School events
  • Sports team competitions
  • Tradeshows
  • Brand exposure anywhere

The freestanding cardboards can be designed in a short period of time. Make your protest solid and powerful and Fridays for the future.

What makes them different from others?

Demo sign is unique and beneficial in many ways from other signs and products. Therefore, you can use it for different occasions. Some of the features of the signs are here.

  • Its weight, size, and functions make our cardboard sign the perfect choice for demonstrations, festivals, and advertising purposes.
  • The cardboard label has a built-in handle on the back of the card for your hand for easy lifting and carrying.
  • In addition, the low weight of 200g is also important. In comparison, a pack of butter normally weighs 250g.
  • The cardboard sign has a size of DIN A2 so that every message can fit on it.

Therefore, a cardboard sign is optimally suited for demonstrations, Festivals, and other occasions. These are sturdy and sustainable as a cardboard sign, a perfect duo. Yes, you can use it as a festival poster and billboard in one. Whether as a festival sign, demo sign, or advertising sign, the cardboard sign is ready for immediate use thanks to the innovative folding technique and guarantees a long service life.

Are these durable?

Yes, they are. You can use these cards in different weather conditions. Even rain and snow cannot harm your message, because the cardboard sign challenges different weather conditions. Now, you can give your message a stronghold. You are free to protest with your message.

Features of the cardboard signs

  • Made in Germany
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Lightweight The cardboard sign weighs only approx. 0.2 kg and is therefore ideal for long-term demonstrations
  • Large – The dimensions are 59,5x42x1 cm, so you have enough space to write down your message
  • White – The white color of the sign provides a perfect contrast to your message. It is therefore very suitable for additional paintings

So that you can use these cardboard signs any time for Demonstrations, festivals, and advertising purposes. These are temporary tools that can express your purpose on the occasion as well as you can raise your slogans by using these cardboard signs.

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