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You Season 2 is coming on Netflix this December, Catch all the details!

The psychological thriller, You is coming to Netflix with its second season on December 26, 2019.

So, the end of 2019 will drop YOU Season 2 on Netflix. Let me remind you, You first aired on Lifetime but then Netflix adopted the psychological thriller, which is basically what the web streaming giant is famous for.

“You” follows the life of psychopath, Joe Goldberg, who when finds himself obsessed would go beyond limits to catch what he desires. In You Season 1, we witnessed the obsession of Joe for Guinevere Beck. While trying to reach her and get her by hook or by crook, Joe ended up killing her. Meanwhile, Joe gets help from every resource to catch Guinevere but his hyped obsession leads him to take away her life.

Anyhow, the story didn’t end there, as YOU Season 2 is coming, starting another chapter of Joe’s life. So, in You Season 2, we will see Joe,e who’s now on a trip to Los Angeles getting obsessed with another girl. The new girl is named Love Quin, and now we will see another bloody chapter of Joe’s life sparked by his thrilling insanity of. 

Let’s warmly welcome the psychological thriller, YOU Season 2 on Netflix by the end of this year.


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