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World Health Organization In Pakistan

World Health Organization is working globally to take over the menace of COVID-19. They declared it as an outbreak at a global level. No country is found to be saved from the threat of the pandemic. Here, in PAKISTAN, the situation seems better as compared to the rest of the world. The recommendations were given for being on the safe side.

It is because here World Health Organization, people are dangerous to follow the directions of the government. The intensity of the spread of the virus is lower as compared to other countries.

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The situation of Pakistan and COVID-19

Fitness It is a fact that health is not up to the level of WHO in Pakistan. It seems that the threat of Coronavirus was expected to be on a high range in the country.

But as the role of WHO in Pakistan was potential, so things remained in safe hands. In Pakistan, as per health records, the death rate was critically low as compared to the rising graph of recovery in all provinces.

The Coronavirus menace was not going to stop it.PAKISTAN is proud to be among the triumphant countries as the role of WHO in Pakistan proved itself. Here the government and people surprised the world by declaring their potential.

Fitness is the health sector is, although not having a lot of facilities. They are having very little, but still, they are hopeful of controlling the situation due to pandemic Coronavirus. Indeed, WHO elaborated on the problem and its solution excellently? Of course, YES!

People of PAKISTAN feel safe and are honestly admitting the active role of WHO in Pakistan. Fitness Not only the guidelines but also the financial support and provision of doctoral help are appreciated in the health sector. Coronavirus is not a killer unless it engulfs you deeply. You may feel safe yourself from the disease.


World Health Organization We need to accept the truth that Pakistan is a third world country. If the health of people will be caught by the menace of Coronavirus, then it is sure that survival chances are very less for such a third world country with a low level of health facilities. Current confirmed cases reached the toll of 15,000 only.

For the purpose, things remained in control of World Health Organization guidelines as they realized that PAKISTAN. This is why the only solution is to control it before it happens. The only way out is, STAY HOME, STAY SAFE.

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