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Wire Strippers for Solar Cables?

Electrical work, maintenance, and repair involve a lot of safety and precision. From simple tasks like adding a fuse wire and fitting a bulb to complex projects like installing a solar panel for your business operations, you need the right electrical tools to perform these functions.

To avoid electrical accidents like electrocution or fires, you have to take into consideration factors like insulation and proper earthing and need to have the right set of electrical tools. To ensure safe and efficient handling of electrical works, having a wire stripper in your toolbox is necessary. Wire strippers are used to stripping off the insulation from cables and wires. A wire stripper can also be used for other functions like cutting, splicing, bending, and making loops in a wire.

Wire strippers for solar cables

Solar cables are used to interconnect solar panels and other electrical components of a solar panel system. Usually, solar cables come with a double-layer insulated cable. Wire strippers for solar cables can precisely cut and strip both layers of heavy-duty insulation without damaging the cable. This tool has been designed specifically for solar cables and easily cuts through their heavy insulation sheathing leaving only the exposed conductor. Wire strippers for solar cables are handheld and self-adjusting.

How to strip a solar cable using a wire stripper?

Find the correct notch on the wire stripper to match the gauge of the solar cable

The first step towards stripping a solar cable is to determine the notch on your wire stripper that matches your cable. Check the outer sheath on your solar cable to find the gauge number printed on it. If gauge designation is not marked on the outer covering, stick the cable into a notch and gently squeeze the handle to see if it fits.

It is important to match your cable with a notch. If the notch is bigger than the solar cable, you will not be able to strip your cable. Similarly, if the selected notch is smaller, you will end nicking your wire.

Place the solar wire in the notch and twist

Once the solar cable is matched with the slot, place the cable and press down the handles together. Rotate the cable in one direction till the insulation is cut all the way through it and all the way around the cable.

Strip the insulation sheath on the solar cable

Finally, pull the stripper toward the end of the cable to strip off the protective sheath from the solar cable.

Different types of wire strippers for solar cables

  • Adjustable wire stripper: Have both a manual and automatic adjustment mechanism.
  • Triple action wire strippers: Features triple action stripping – spiral, linear, and rotary.
  • Sheath strippers: Are auto-adjustable strippers.
  • Pistol wire stripper: Has a self-adjusting blade that can both do grip and strip cabling in a single motion.
  • Steel armored strippers: Features a reinforced blade intended to cut through the toughest materials.
  • Insulated strippers: Are insulated from electrostatic discharge with a VDE handle.
  • Automatic wire strippers: Are automatic and allow users to easily cut through and strip.
  • Laser wire strippers: Strip using laser radiation.

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