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Will we go back to work in offices in 2021?

The pandemic starting has changed the shape of every department of the world. It is a fact that every place is under the impact of the pandemic in one way or the other. But this impact seems to be harder when we talk about offices and workplaces in general, where many people share the same space and sometimes it’s very difficult to follow the basic recommendations such as the security distance.

How it changed the working style?

The start of 2020 was worrisome for the workers and management staff both, having to keep the working of the company but facing an uncertain future and an imminent lockdown.

With no time for anticipation, working from home became mandatory and companies had to figure out how to keep their employees at ease. For this purpose, the easiest and smartest solution was to manage the compatibility of running the company with simple procedures, ensuring the well-being of the workers even when they were at home.

The support of internet and communication services played an essential role in this regard. It was found easy to manage as the workers were able to do their daily tasks via the internet.

But a fundamental aspect in this case was having an appropriate office at home – having ergonomic furniture that could ensure that the workers could develop their work with high effectiveness while being comfortable. In this way,  ACTIU is a firm which offers design office furniture, both for traditional workplaces and home offices.

What will happen when the COVID-19 is over?

Things indeed have gone smooth when the ease of work was available in the era of COVID-19: the staff of a lot of companies learned to enjoy working from home, finding it an easier and safer kind of job and even not wanting to go back to shared workspaces.

Now, the scenario is switching and it is planned that things will go to a new phase: combining both ways of working. Some companies will be regarding the old model of working as it was in 2019 and earlier but it seems that working from home will remain as the main way of working for most of them, at least during 2021.

The probable rationales for it are mainly two:

Saving costs

Of course, working from home saves time and costs: workers don’t have to spend their time on public transport or their cars to get to the office. It is quite simple and not bounded. They feel like enjoying the current mode to access the support and balance as well as it is a good opportunity to reconcile work and family life.

Will we go back to work in offices in 2021 la-nueva-vuelta-al-trabajo-newscase

No time boundedness

When the staff manages from home, then it is quite easy to focus on doing some tasks without the noise and the pressure of the office. This kind of flexibility allows them to meet the deadlines as they wanted to do so. They are not sharp for following the routine of 8 to 5 in a job.


It seems that the staff of most companies is not willing to go back to the office. COVID-19 has been a huge opportunity to learn to love managing work from home – and keep the high performance and efficiency. The challenge now is on the traditional workspaces, which will have to adapt to this situation by creating safe and ergonomic places.

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