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Why you need Basement renovation?

If you have a basement in your house, it makes sense to use it. Cellars are often forgotten spaces. Moisture can give a basement a specific unpleasant odor. The ventilation is then insufficient, for example. An unused basement also accumulates dust, is often teeming with spiders, and an unused basement often needs renovation.

How does basement renovation increase house prices?

In a basement renovation, moisture is usually the main culprit. If your house has a basement, you can use it in different ways. It is cool in a cellar, as it is partly underground. Cellars were built in the past to keep preserved food (longer) good. If you want to use the basement for food storage, make sure the basement has the right moisture balance first. Also check, Basement Renovation Cost in Canada

Here we discuss in detail the options for renovating your basement. All of the following renovation tips can help you modify your basement into a complete living space and this increase the price of your house.

Converting a basement into living space

A basement is usually a damp room. But a basement can also be converted into a living space. It is important that a basement is first cleaned of moisture in order to make it livable. No items can be stored with mold and moisture because they will also be affected. Basement tubing or drainage are effective ways to rid the basement of moisture.

Moisture can have various causes. Usually, the culprit is groundwater from precipitation. Water can penetrate or rise through basement walls in higher areas, allowing rot and mold to run its course. With the renovation, walls can be treated with water-repellent cement mortar. Seams and cracks can be closed in this way. Water no longer has a chance to penetrate. Both interior and exterior walls can be made water-free in various ways.

Breaking open cavity walls, tubing, injecting, and draining water

With basement renovation, special foil can be placed between walls that do not allow water to penetrate but drain. In this case, the new inner wall and the outer wall must be reapplied with stucco or masonry together with insulation material. Another easier method is to inject basement walls. This is done through drilled holes at an equal distance by means of an injection liquid and syringe.

Injection fluid will expand in the walls as soon as water passes through the fluid. Due to the expansion, rising damp is prevented and walls dry out on their own. The application is done in all places where moisture accumulates in walls. With drainage, a foil is placed between two walls or between a floor to drain moisture via a bubble membrane. An extra wall is placed over the foil and a new floor is placed over the floor foil. The foil lies between two surfaces, making it easy to transport water outwards from one wall to another.

Basement waterproofing can also be applied well. With a special brush, walls in the basement are treated with cement mortar. Particularly useful on concrete and porous surfaces. Water no longer penetrates in this way. The layer is durable and the water problem will be solved for a long time. This method is suitable for both interior and exterior walls in basements and underground spaces,

Ventilation grids can also be placed in the room. Good ventilation prevents a lot of moisture from remaining in the basement. Condensation occurs when moist condensation cannot escape. Lots of fresh air makes the cellar liveable and the stale air disappears.

How can I furnish my basement?

Renovate the basement and convert it into a room? If your house has a spacious basement, it is possible to use this space as an extra room. To make your basement an extra livable space, a few things have to happen first. The cellar must be free of moisture and there must be good ventilation. The room must be insulated and, of course, waterproof. A renovated basement with a basement staircase is ideal as an extra room, or cool as your own cave.

How do you insulate a basement?

Before you can insulate the basement, you must first make sure that there are no moisture problems. Moisture can make your insulation value useless. Damp walls can be painted with moisture-resistant paint, but it goes without saying that the moisture does not disappear through it, but piles up behind the paint, until it just blows through again. Ventilation and renovation are necessary so that moisture is removed before it becomes a problem.

Treating Mold in the Basement?

Mold can also affect basement walls. Good ventilation is only part of the solution. It may be necessary to treat walls with anti-fungal methods and insulate. If there is water in the basement, you usually have to deal with groundwater. Of course, this problem must always be solved by renovation. Have your basement inspected and renovated before you store food or move in.

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