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Why Women Love Mira’s Beauty Personalization Features

Going to purchase makeup at a store is a different experience in itself than when shopping online. Standing in front of a collection of dozens of makeup brands, all appearing somewhat similar and none with the guarantee of suiting our individual skin tone. No ratings or reviews from people like you, but you’ll likely encounter a pesky salesperson just trying to sell you one product and upsell you on another one. We might start testing out the various makeup on our eyes, face, lips, or hands to see what looks right.

We end up purchasing one that appears alright on us – yet as we get home, the makeup that might have suited my hand’s complexion at the store seemed out of place and unnatural when applied to my face; Mission, not accomplished. Sigh. However, these worries of picking out the wrong makeup can go away quickly, especially when you use personalization technology. This is where a very up-and-coming startup Mira Beauty provides such a promising solution for all types of beauty shoppers.


Mira Beauty One-Stop-Shop:

A virtual beauty brands platform armed by deep machine learning and AI, Mira Beauty is the one-stop-shop for anyone who is searching for the best beauty and skincare products specific to your looks and needs. Founded by Jay Hack and Brandon Garcia in 2019, Mira makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to find products for makeup and skin care products in line with their skin tone and face shape. Via its ability of facial recognition, it analyzes each aspect of the face; from the shape of the eye right down to the way the entire face structure pans out.

After this, it takes into account the type of product you are looking for and your prescribed budget – and thereupon weaves its magic through the massive world wide web, sifting through countless beauty brands and products to come up with a match destined for you.

Wondering what makes Mira so special, and why have women of all ages around the globe fallen in love when beauty shopping with Mira?

Saves You Time (and Money!)

The hours you had to spend in Sephora (or other big retailers), trying each foundation and lip color on your hands will now be reduced to a bare minimum as Mira speeds up precise product discovery. For example, a single search for the best moisturizer for your skin type (etc.). Mira will go twisting and turning each beauty product until it finds the one you are looking for. It helps you find the best one(s) for you.

Next, you can choose to compare prices and order online from top retailers! The best aspect of Mira is the high probability that the product will suit your skin tone and type. This helps you never buy a bad beauty product again.

Simple Product Price Comparisons to Get the Best Deal

When searching for the best skin care products, price is one of main determinants of making that final purchase. However, manually comparing prices of different products with about a million tabs open on your browser is certainly time consuming and cumbersome. With Mira’s personalization features, price comparisons become easy and effortless. Specify the type of product you want. Mira will come up with alternatives within your provided price range easing comparison from top beauty brands.

Beauty Products Meant for Just You

Everyone has different tastes and desires when purchasing makeup and skin care products. While some want vegan makeup products, others are in search of organic and cruelty-free, or a combination of all. Visiting a shop or going through product descriptions of a multitude of products seems impossible. But Mira shows the best ones just for your preferences.

Real User Ratings & Reviews

One major issue when purchasing beauty products is if you can actually trust the reviews. Especially on sites like Amazon or lesser known brand sites. Brands and site operators may have selfish motives when writing reviews for a certain skincare product. We are almost never able to tell the difference between what should be trusted and what shouldn’t. Thankfully, with Mira, you can count on real user reviews & ratings. Mira searches through reviews from all corners of the internet and aggregates those reviews on the site which are highly reliable. While also having a community of over 80,000 beauty advocates who rate & review products to help many thousands of beauty shoppers buy the best skincare and makeup just for them.

These are just a few examples of how and why Mira Beauty’s beauty personalization platform is loved by women of all ages. Skin types, and beauty preferences all over the world. Combining progressive technologies with thousands of beauty products from thousands of top brands. Also; a helpful community of beauty advocates makes the social shopping experience for makeup and skincare products so much better than anything else out there.

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