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Why the Right Product Packaging is So Important

The right packaging is integral to your brand and can have a significant impact on your product’s success. For the consumer, the label can provide a plethora of information integral to a consumer’s decision to buy. For the manufacturer, the right label design choices can help build their brand while maintaining profitability. It is important to remember, that your packaging is essentially the real estate utilized in differentiating it from the competition. Investing in this critical asset will greatly contribute to the success of your product.

Helps customers make informed decisions.

Packaging can provide information for a potential customer to make an informed decision. For example, a label might highlight a phone number that can be used to obtain additional information about a product that could persuade a purchase. Shoppers should be aware that when calling, the operator might request the caller’s full name and callback information when leaving a message.

Adding the manufacturer’s phone number to the caller’s phone contacts allows you to identify the return call on your phone’s caller ID so you can quickly figure out who called you. An unknown number may be viewed as robocalls or a spam call or even a call from a scammer or harasser and result in a missed opportunity or a voicemail that may discourage a potential customer. When the caller finally connects with a representative, they should make sure to note the name of the person with whom they speak in case they need to follow up.

Entices consumers to choose your product

Entices consumers to choose your product

A product’s packaging is integral to a customer’s decision to purchase. One only has seconds to grab the shopper’s attention with elements ranging from the shape and size of the package to the graphics on the label. The right design can mean the difference between a purchase being made, or not. Reports show that 72% of consumers say that the way a product is packaged affects their purchasing decision. The first step is to plan the message you want to send to the customer and how you want to convey your brand. Then choose a label design with a colorful pattern and unique style that will grab the consumer’s eye.

Control costs without sacrificing quality.

Control costs without sacrificing quality

Shrink Sleeves technology is an ideal packaging choice that is both cost-effective and impactful. A shrink sleeve label consists of a durable yet flexible material with openings at the top and bottom. The shrink sleeve prints with the design and content and then undergoes an application process. That starts with slipping the material over the product container. The product container is then placed in a heat or steam tunnel where heat applies to cause the film to shrink.

As the film shrinks it conforms tightly to the shape of the container. Similarly, the graphics also adhere to the shape of the container. Because the graphics were originally printed in 2D on a flat sleeve, distortion may occur. The use of 3D modeling software will ensure that the graphics display as intended. When the sleeve shrinks around the container. Shrink bands are another type of shrink sleeve that is often used to provide a tamper-evident seal.

During the shrink process, the shrink bands wrap around the necks of bottles to provide an evident seal. So; when the consumer twists the cap the secure closure is released. Shrink bands may also function as a type of shrink sleeve that can band several items together, providing an excellent promotional opportunity. An important benefit of shrink sleeves is that they provide 360-degree coverage of the product’s message. Combined with vibrant shrink sleeve printing, shrink sleeve packaging is ideally suited to attract a shopper’s attention and entice a purchase.

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