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Why personal hygiene is so important

It is barely coincidental for someone to get ONLY deodorants, perfumes, shaving kits, and other toiletries as birthday gifts. If it happens consecutively for two or three years, boy, this person definitely has an unhygienic persona.

Why is being hygienic so important, you ask?

Well, for one, it makes you socially acceptable. People don’t run out of the elevator when you step in. No one covers their mouth or turns their faces when talking to you.

Plus, it keeps you healthy and mentally fit.

Using the word hygiene is only a fancy way of referring to clean living habits that make us healthy. These are tiny tidbits of actions we perform throughout the day to clean and care for our bodies. Dirt, food particles, bodily secretions, and bacteria can accumulate on our bodies if we don’t maintain cleanliness.

Donald Novey, MD, an integrative medicine physician, says:

“Practicing good body hygiene helps you feel good about yourself, which is important for your mental health.”

Healthy Habits to Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

If you want to keep viruses and germs at bay, follow these personal hygiene habits:

A striking combo of hygienic habits throughout the day enables you to reap many rewards. However, if someone around you appears unkempt, it could be a sign that he/she is stressed, says Novey. Talking about the importance of hygiene may help them. But you must be candid and sensitive when having such discussions. Still, if their hygienic conduct keeps getting worse, refer them to professional help.

Good Personal Hygiene is Rewarding. How?

As per the Ipsos Poll conducted in August 2018, a vast majority of Americans (99%) report that they are clean, and 92% say maintaining good hygiene is a top priority.

If you are curious to know the perks carried by good personal hygiene, you are in the right place. Below we provide some benefits to convince you even more:

Good Health

According to CDC, every time you touch a surface, feed your pet, shake hands, sneeze, or prepare food, you pick up potentially harmful organisms. You’d be surprised to know that 200% more fecal bacteria on cutting boards than toilet seats!

Simple acts like washing hands and regular bathing can prevent you from transmitting flu, cold, and infections caused by germs on your skin. When you don’t regularly wash, your chances of harboring and spreading these viruses escalates. Also, you contract the illnesses they cause.

The CDC recommends 15 – 20 seconds of vigorous handwashing with soap and water to kill germs. However, a study by Michigan State University, 5.3% of people wash their hands for 15 seconds or more.

Remember that your skin is a barrier against illnesses. Good hygiene will help your skin strengthen to provide protection effectively.

Healthy Personal Relationships

Needless to say that humans need good relationships to lead a happy life. The path to it is quite simple – personal hygiene.

Poor hygiene defers the people around you. Whether you are in a workplace or living with your spouse, your unkempt appearance can lead to unpleasant confrontations. People are likely to pass judgments on your personality and your ability to self-care at a basic level. This eventually stops them from sharing a meaningful bond with you.

Having a good standard of cleanliness stops body odor from developing. Research published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences tells that about 50 million people suffer from chronic malodor in the US. Most of them do not look for help out of embarrassment.

The skin on our body continuously produces sebum. If you don’t wash it off, it releases an unpleasant smell. And while you’re doing so, make sure the environment of your living space is also hygienic. This will allow for your relationship to bloom and thrive abundantly.

Psychological Benefits

By being clean, tidy, and presentable, people tend to feel more confident in social situations. Your chances of succeeding at work, academics, or even impressing your crush can significantly alter by maintaining good hygiene.

Even if you are the most qualified candidate, your chances of landing a job are pretty low if you show up with a poor outlook. According to, poor hygiene can be a sign of self-neglect and accompanies mental or emotional disorders like depression and psychotic troubles.

When you maintain good hygiene, it conveys to the people around you how you value yourself. For example, in the show This is Us, one of the families fosters a young lady named Deja. She has a history of abuse and trauma. The parents discuss how Deja hasn’t showered or washed her hair in weeks. This is a symptom of her poor self-perception and impacts her well-being.

Recommended Action Plan

If you have been postponing general body cleanliness till now, it’s about time you make the necessary tweaks. Buy yourself some luxurious toiletries and schedule hygienic activities throughout the day.

Also, upgrade your wardrobe by adding a few fancy clothes. Pay extra attention to the basics. An exquisite pair of underclothes can keep a woman confident throughout the day. As for males, a men’s pouch underwear helps to keep things comfy down there.

Your closet needs an update to boost your social conduct. But make sure you are following a general cleanliness routine to maintain a strong presence.

Parting Thoughts

I am positive most of our readers are mentally planning for their next spa appointment after reading our blog. Before signing off, I’d like to share another gross hygiene fact with you. Do you know that germs from flushing toilets can travel up to 6 feet?

Every time you flush the toilet and the lid is left up, a fine aerosol mist spreads into the air that contains all types of bacteria causing diseases. Disgusting, right?

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