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Why cleanliness in the workplace is important 

Whether you work in a customer facing work environment or an office, cleanliness is vital. Every business should make it a priority to keep their premises clean, tidy, and safe. And it’s not just the tangible benefits you’ll see.

First impressions count

We live in a world where appearance is everything. It’s not just people who are more attractive that get paid more, if your place of work looks attractive, people are more likely to part with their cash and buy a product or service from you. Similarly, if you’re hiring someone, they’re more likely to take the job if their place of work is clean and tidy.

Having a clean workplace conveys the message that your business is professional.

Increase productivity 

Studies show that clean offices have a higher level of productivity. Researchers found that,

“There is a significant relationship between the perceived productivity and both the service cleanliness and the particle counts in the ambient air. This means that when the office environment is more polluted (less surface cleanliness and higher particle counts), employees experience lower productivity.”

Ultimately, this means that your employees will get more done if the office is clean and tidy – leading to employers making more money!

Happier employees

Of course, you want your workforce to be happy – and that’s where a clean office comes in. After all you’d rather work in a clean office than a dirty one. And it’s in an employer’s best interest to keep staff happy, as the cost of replacing staff can run into the thousands.

Healthier employees

Cleanliness also reduces the risk of your employees becoming sick. Bacteria love office environments because people spend so much of their day there, often without fresh air. Keeping your workplace clean can therefore reduce sickness, which can reduce lost workdays from staff illness.

It’s not just keeping your office clean, encouraging staff to stay at home when they’re ill is of paramount importance too.

Safer premises

As well as staving off staff illness, having a clean office environment also makes for a safer work environment should there be an emergency. Having an office that’s clean and tidy and free from clutter will mean that fire exits are kept clear, and staff knows where to find first aid and cleaning equipment when it’s needed.

It’s also easier to stay on top of repairs that need doing because it’s easy to see and get to any faulty machinery etc.

Getting the right equipment 

To help ensure your workplace is a clean and tidy place to be, it’s important you invest in the right tools to get the job done. From the basics like scrubbing brushes and mops to industry-standard bleach and disinfectants.

Of course, it’s important that your place of work follows all COSHH guidelines when it comes to storing and using hazardous substances.

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