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Who Are The High Rollers In Polish Casinos

Poland is known for its strict gambling laws and regulations. Most types of online gambling are restricted or entirely prohibited in the country. Fortunately, poker tournaments are among the unique gambling events that are legal as long as the winners don’t get awarded cash prizes. It allows reputable online casinos, or as the Poles call them, “kasyno sms premium” to organize poker championships and various events. High Roller events are part of those scalable professional poker tournaments where players only play with high stakes. Usually, these events come with lucrative bonuses and big prize pools to attract the players. Let’s get familiar with five of Poland’s most successful high rollers.

1.  Dzmitry Urbanovich

Dzmitry Urbanovich is one of the world’s most successful poker players, also known for being a high roller. According to some sources, he has earned more than $6.1 million throughout his career as a professional poker player. In 2015 Urbanovich participated in the European Poker Tour held in Malta and hit the biggest score in his career. After winning the Higher Roller competition against Connor Drinan, he received €570,000 prize money. A month later, Urbanovich also participated in the Super High Roller EPT tournament in Monte Carlo, where he took second place with a €1,446,600 prize. Later that year, he attended another Super High Roller tournament organized in Barcelona. Urbanovich was awarded €841,500, finishing second to Sylvain Loosli from France.

2.  Wiktor Malinowski

Wiktor Malinowski is also a professional poker player from Poland who predominantly focuses on high stakes. Before starting his career in the professional gambling industry, he was a handball player. In 2014 Malinowski started playing low-stake games, and it took him only two years to make a name for himself as a high roller. His first significant win happened four years later when he became the champion of the $25K High Roller Turbo World Championship. In 2021 Malinowski participated in the Super High Roller Bowl, where he won first place and was rewarded a huge money prize of $3,690,000.

3.  Dominik Panka

Dominik Panka is a professional poker player from Poland who participated in dozens of tournaments and world championships. In 2014 Panka won the EPT of High Roller that was organized in Deauville, which bought him €272,000 cash. In 2017, he left for Cyprus to participate in another High Roller competition, where he took first place and won $115,000.

Throughout his career as a professional poker player and high roller Panka could win over $3 million. Currently, he is the third most successful poker player from Poland.

4.  Michał Bróg

Michał Bróg is the rising star of Polish professional poker. In 2018 he participated in the Poker Fever Cup, competing in the High Roller tournament. It had eight paid places and a prize pool of CZK 173,200. After defeating all his competitors, Bróg won the tournament and was awarded CZK 149,600. Martin Hodan from the Czech Republic and Marcin Kogut from Poland took second and third places with CZK 137,700 and CZK 87,100, respectively.

5.  Grzegorz “Foster” Szałankiewicz

Grzegorz Szałankiewicz is a young professional poker player from Poland with a bright and promising future. In 2018 he participated in the High Roller event organized in the framework of the Poker Fever Cup. The High Roller competition had 115 participants from Europe, but the prize places were only 11. The event had a CZK 15,000 buy-in and CZK 405,400 prize money for the winner. After defeating his opponents, Polish player “Foster” became the winner and was rewarded CZK 405,400.

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