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Which Is the Best App to Make Your Firestick More Secure?

Firestick devices are streaming devices you can use with your traditional or smart TVs, PCs, laptops, etc. You can use apps, websites, and more methods to stream your favorite shows, movies, live TV, events, and whatnot.

Since so many apps are available for Firestick devices, it is not easy to find and install decent apps and add-ons. Several apps contain malware and viruses that can cause many problems.

So, you need to secure your device to avoid online attacks from viruses or malware. In this blog, I’ll give you some tips and tell you about some apps you can use to make your Firestick device more secure.

1) Use VPN Apps to Secure Your Firestick

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and several VPN apps are available for Firestick devices. Most of them offer different features like a zero-log policy, a 30-day money-back guarantee, unblocking geo-restricted content, anonymous IP addresses, and unblocked websites, apps, and games. 

Here is a complete list of features VPN apps provide you.

1) A decent VPN gives you more security by hiding your IP address. You can open whichever app or add-on you want without worrying about malware, viruses, or copyrighted content because of your new and anonymous IP address.

2) A new IP address helps you in unblocking geo-restricted content. Geo-restricted content is the one you can not stream outside a specific state or country. For instance, you can not watch a TV show in the US if it is available only in the UK. 

But, you can bypass this restriction by using a VPN and selecting a server from the US. Similarly, you can select your country’s server if you want to stream specific content while traveling to other countries. instance, you can not stream a TV show 

3) VPNs like Express VPN work fine with ad-blockers, which saves your device from unnecessary ads and pop-ups. 

2) Stop Firestick Devices From Collecting Your Data

Yes, you read it right. Firestick devices collect a massive amount of data from their users. Firestick tracks your online activities, streaming data, location, and whatnot. However, you can turn it off and modify some settings to prevent it from happening.

Here is how to modify these settings.

1) Press the home button of your Firestick remote for a couple of seconds, and open the settings,

2) Go to the Preferences tab under it, and click on it,

3) Click on the Privacy tab, which will be under the Preferences tab,

4) You can reset your advertising ID from here. For that, highlight the Your Advertising ID button, and press the select button,

5) Go to the internet-based ads setting and press the select button to turn it off.

That was it. You have successfully made your Firestick device more secure. You can also enable the two-step verification process to make your logins and logouts more secure, which ultimately makes your Firestick device more secure. 

Wrapping Up

After using Firestick for a while, you will feel the need to make it more secure because of constant ads from add-ons and apps. Securing your Firestick allows you to freely stream your favorite content.

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