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When Netflix’s Series “The Haunting of Bly Monar Season 2” is coming! Here’s Everything about it…

Netflix is bringing hit series The Haunting of Hill House season 2. the series is made on the novel titled The Turn of the Screw (1898) by Henry James. The second season name is The Haunting of Bly Manor. It is a new story of hill house.

Here is everything about season 2. As Netflix confirmed the second season on 21st February 2019

The creator of the show Mike Flanagan said in an interview, and the second series will be more frightening than previous.

Moreover, he also said we had seen many horror stories of Henry James as in the first season. But this time everything will be new. For fans of Henry James, it would be a great thing. Meanwhile, it will be scary for those who are not familiar with their work.

According to official spoilers, many stars will return from season one such as Oliver Jackson Cohen and Victoria Pedretti. Pedretti will play as governess named Dani.

Moreover, Jackson Cohen, as Peter would be a young man who will make life impossible for Dani. Everyone is so excited about the second season because it seems extraordinary as compared to the first season.

The series follows Olivia, Hugh, and their five children. They all live in hill house where Olivia died under mysterious circumstances. After that, one sibling returns to the home and faces the problem as other Crain children back to Hill House.

According to official reports, The Haunting f Bly Manor will release in 2020. So the director is busy in work on the novel of Stephen King. So wait till 2020, when this horror series hit the screen.