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What you need to build your own home cinema: from furnishings to tech

Being able to claim that you have your own home cinema sounds somewhat like a novelty. After all, when you’re on the hunt for your new home, it’s probably not going to be on your priority list. Yet, once you have your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom in check, who’s to say there’s anything stopping you from creating your own home cinema?

Over the years, they’ve become much more popular and over 40% of US households own a home cinema system. This doesn’t mean that your house has to be MTV Cribs ready as your home cinema can be as big or small as you like. We’ll take a look at just how doable it is.

Finding the space

When it comes to finding your perfect home, space for a cinema might be pushed to the back of your mind when you’re weighing up the costs of your mortgage. Yet, with mortgage broker sites like Trussle, finding a mortgage that suits you couldn’t be easier with its comprehensive comparison service, which means that you can get to thinking about your cinema room quicker. Tools like this now help you identify the best mortgage to suit your needs, which simplifies the process and gets you one step closer to designing your home cinema.

Traditionally, cinemas were much more of an intimate space where the extensive rows of black leather seats would be replaced with a couple of comfortable plush red sofas. With that in mind, you have the option to merge your living room and cinema room together to reproduce the traditional intimate cinema or have a separate larger cinema room for a more modern feel.

Getting comfortable

Every cinema comes with the ability to sit down and get comfortable so that you can truly enjoy the journey that the big screen is about to take you on. Thanks to the multitude of home decor shops online, finding cinema seats just like those in the modern cinema is no difficult task – even Amazon can cater to this requirement.

From individual leather recliner seats to rows of seats together, you can adapt your cinema to the size you need, meaning that you can opt for seats that cater to 2 people to 20, depending on the size of your room. Plus, if you’re on a strict budget, it’s probably best to match the seat count to the number of people using the cinema. Going down the traditional cinema route means that all you need is a sofa, and if you really want to replicate the traditional cinema feel, then a splash of red will really do the trick.

Getting comfortable

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Fitting supporting tech

Now that the average TV screen is 45 inches, which has more than doubled since 1998 thanks to the growth of technology over the past decade, you might find that you’re happy to use your day-to-day television screen for your own home cinema. Yet, if you decide to invest in something a little bigger to achieve the big screen vibes, a projector will fit the bill perfectly. What makes projectors perfect is that they can also be out of sight, out of mind, which means your home cinema can be a little hidden gem amongst your living room.

So, from an intimate cinema room that is hidden in the crevasses of your living room and brought to life when the projector is turned on, to a purpose-built home cinema room that transports you to a modern cinema, we’ve shown just how possible it is.

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