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Modern Family Phil Dunphy Embarrassed His Kids

13 Times Modern Family Phil Dunphy Embarrassed His Kids!

Phil Dunphy of Modern Family describes himself as a "wintry parent" but often Phil Dunphy embarrassed his kids. Here are some of his funniest...

10 Episodes that’ll never get Old from Modern Family!

There aren't any stone-cold classics among Modern Family's 250 episodes, but that would be not easy. However, there are a few notable installments in...
Modern Family Phil's best dad's advice

Modern Family Phil’s best dad’s advice ten times in the show!

The Modern Family Phil's best dad's advice and is known as one of the most devoted fathers on a reality show. Here are ten...
Best Phil Dunphy Quotes

Best Phil Dunphy Quotes in Modern Family!

The best quotes from ABC's Modern Family come from Phil Dunphy. Best Phil Dunphy Quotes they will make you laugh until you cry. There are...
All 15 Na'vi Clans are described in Avatar

All 15 Na’vi Clans are described in Avatar (Cultures, positions& Innovation)

While the first Avatar film concentrated on the Omaticaya, subsequent franchise material focuses on other Navi clans. Creator is James Cameron's expansive world of Avatar,...
Modern Family Fan Theories

9 Things about Modern Family Fan Theories That Don’t Make Sense!

Even Modern Family inspired various Modern Family Fan Theories, both rational and absurd. With the last season of Modern Family approaching, fan predictions about the...
Jackass Movies

The Honest Trailer for Jackass Movies Compares the Prank Franchise to Avatar!

Honest Trailers returns with a Jackass movies segment that focuses on the franchise's prankster daredevils' enduring legacy. The latest installment of Screen Junkies' Honest Trailer...
Gloria and Claire friends?

Are Claire and Gloria friends? Detailed analysis and 14 reasons!

In Modern Family, are Gloria and Claire friends? Gloria desperately wants to be friends with Claire but they were never friends, especially in the...
Things You Never Noticed

25 Things You Never Noticed in Episode 1 of Modern Family!

From 2009 until 2020, the fictional surrogate household depicted on "Modern Family" was America's favorite. The sitcom featured the lives of three interconnected families,...
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender: New Cast Members & Who They Could Play?

Graciously take my apologies, Avatar fans: Netflix's live-action version will have to wait longer. Now that filming has begun in Vancouver, we have more...