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What to Look for When Hiring an Independent Actor

Are you looking for someone to speak at your next event? Do you need on-stage talent for a show you’re producing or an actor with many talents?

There are many actors available out there, most of whom represent themselves and are willing to chat with you about opportunities you have.

There are some crucial things to look for and consider when looking to hire an independent actor.


People like Cherie Johnson make ideal talent to hire because their industry experience began at a very young age.

They know their way around a set and a show and could provide something valuable beyond their acting skills alone.

There is absolutely a time and place to hire someone new to the scene. Only you can decide if that person and any possible guidance they need from you are the right fit.

Passion Over Paycheck

There are some actors out there who absolutely love what they do, and others who show up simply to get paid.

You will gain much more from an actor who is still in love with the craft: more emotion, more input, and an overall better experience.


Like any service you are willing to exchange money for, you should be doing your research in the way of referrals.

Ask the actor if they can refer you to anyone who has previously worked with them. Check out past events or shows they’ve done and get in touch with organizers to see if they can give you an insight into what it’s like working with the person.


Acting on stage is wildly different from acting on camera. One involves bigger movements and a bellowing voice while the other depends on micro-expressions and awareness of moving cameras and crew.

Hire someone who has a range of capabilities, as you never know what skills may be needed during an event or project.


You don’t want to hire someone who’s going to show up, do exactly what they’re told, and leave.

You should look for a talent who is going to contribute to the creative process in ways that are beneficial for everyone and advance the project.

Actors who can take direction and kind criticism and utilize it are ideal.

Someone Who Asks Questions

This collaboration extends to finding someone who asks questions about the event or project and is truly curious to learn more so they can make the most of the experience.

Find an actor who wants to invest in what you’re doing, not simply go with the flow.

Proper Budget

An independent actor will know their worth and should not be afraid to express to you what they’re looking to get paid.

Be sure who you’re looking for fits within your budget. If they don’t but you have your heart set on hiring them, offer other perks like covering accommodations or travel.

Approach an actor with an open dialogue in mind, but always be aware of the fact that their time and talent are valuable, too.

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