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What to Look for in This Season’s Casual Shorts for Women

Let’s face it, we want to feel comfortable in our women’s summer clothing – but there is a way to look awesome while you relax: we’re talking about casual shorts!

The Cream of the Casual Crop

There was a time when a mention of the word ‘shorts’ would send women running for the hills. But now, in the summer of 2022, the choice of the cropped pant is enormous – and the bonus is that since we all came out of lockdown, clutching our soft fabrics and loose waistbands, casual can be another word for ‘gorgeous’.

With a variety of lengths, styles, fabrics, and patterns, let’s look at the best in easy-to-wear, casual women’s shorts this season.

Casual is a New Favorite Look Around the World

An Australian airline recently announced their new casual uniform, featuring shorts as well as t-shirts and trainers. The idea behind the change is for staff to be comfortable, gender-neutral, and more practical for everyone – we think this is a fabulous step in the right direction. Shorts still strike a stylish cord and let’s face it, working in stiff clothing is not everyone’s idea of fun.

Our Favorite Casual Shorts for Women in Summer 2022

Hiker Shorts

Laura Dern recently talked about her famous khaki shorts from the film Jurassic Park – she told the New York Times that they have been worn as Halloween costumes the world over. But in all seriousness, hiker shorts are a great choice, not only for chasing dinosaurs but anytime you want to be active and comfortable! Pair with a blouse and chunky boots for the authentic Laura look, or you can go dainty with some mules and a sleeveless tee!

Paperbag Shorts

We just adore paper bag shorts, because they are the ultimate in comfort, sitting on the waist and gathering to your natural shape – but they look so pretty with their little ruffles! Tuck in a t-shirt to show off the waistband feature or style with an oversized crop tee like J.Lo, then relax knowing you look and feel great.

Pull-On Shorts

Three words every woman wants to hear: pull-on shorts. We don’t want to be fiddling with zippers and buttons that make us feel stickier than we need to: just pull them on, listen to the satisfying ping of the waistband as it fits your natural form, then don’t think about them anymore (until you start to receive all the compliments on your gorgeous outfit, of course.) Anyone searching for casual women’s shorts this summer can win both the style and fashion prize with a pair of women’s pull-on shorts

Camo Shorts

Although camo’s origins are masculine, there is nothing more fun than deliberately wearing differing clothes and accessories with a feminine edge. If you don’t want to look like GI Jane (although she is a pretty rad style icon) then lose the big boots and team with high heels or flats and a pretty t-shirt or blouse. Have fun with a variety of tones and shades too – because camo goes with so many other colors, you can go wild with matching clothes and accessories!

Terry Cloth Shorts for Women

Whoever Terry was, we salute him. These adorable little pieces were originally worn on the beach in the mid-twentieth-century, to cover up after a swim and dry you off at the same time. Now, Terry cloth has made a huge comeback and we love it because it is so soft, so comfortable, but you will look cute as a button in it too!

Boxer Shorts

Pajamas as a fashion statement? We’re here for it. Women no longer need to borrow their male loved ones’ boxers now that there are women’s boxer shorts on the market. They are so relaxed and comfortable with their loose-fitting cut, elasticated waist, and gorgeous fabrics from shimmering nylons to cool cotton – surely boxers were made for us!

Keep it Casual Yet Chic

For us, there is no doubt about it that casual is the best style because it means you will wear it with confidence and comfort. Women’s summer clothing centers around cropped hems and shorts can make casual outfits practical and gorgeous. Whether you are out on the town or heading to the beach, keep it casual and you will have the best time!

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