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What Should I Do If I Am Hit by a motor vehicle?

In most car accidents, one vehicle collides with the other resulting in a crash. But in certain cases, a pedestrian may be hit by a motor vehicle.  If you have been hit by an oncoming vehicle, there are several crucial tips to keep in mind so that you remain safe and able to report your accident with a clear head. Fully understanding your rights is important to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your losses and injuries.

Stay Calm:

It can be very confusing and frustrating if you have been hit by a motor vehicle but the most important rule to follow in such circumstances is to remain calm. Letting out your emotions can only grow the risk of suffering long term injuries.

Keep the Driver at The Scene of The Accident:

In most accident cases where a pedestrian hits by a motor vehicle. The victim may perceive that the injuries are minor at the time of the crash. But later on get diagnosed with internal injuries such as broken bones, fractures, concussions, or brain injuries. Hence, even if you have not been injured after the accident, do not allow the driver to leave until the police have arrived. If your accident is a hit-and-run incident, try to take a photo of the vehicle’s license plate, or at least take notes of its make and color.

Contact Emergency Responders:

Another important step is to summon the police as soon as the accident has occurred. Most accident victims make the mistake of not calling the police assuming it is a minor accident if there are no damages or injuries. But it is important to have a written record of your accident for insurance claims.

Also, you should always seek medical assistance immediately after being hit as medical personnel will be able to diagnose all your mental and physical injuries. It is also important to note that the testimony of emergency responders such as police and paramedics can prove crucial when you are seeking an insurance claim, or if you decide to file a lawsuit.

Be Careful in What You Say:

You cannot predict if the other party will be apologetic or start a fight, hence it is best to stay calm and wait for the police to arrive. It always recommends avoiding any form of confrontation without first seeking legal assistance. Also, be careful what you speak since phrases like ‘I am fine’ or ‘It was my mistake’ could later use by the other party’s attorney or the insurance firm to reduce your claims.

Contact a Good Car Accident Law Firm:

Most pedestrian accidents are due to the fault of the driver. But some car accident cases can complicate. Such as if the pedestrian came out from between parked vehicles or if they were crossing at the signal. In such cases, it is best to seek legal assistance. An experienced lawyer can review your case and inform you about your options. Even if the driver is at 100% fault and has contributed to your accident. The insurance companies may use their notorious tactics to undermine your claim. Hence, it recommends hiring a knowledgeable and professional car accident lawyer. He will protect your legal rights and help you receive fair compensation.

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