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What Kind of Service Can a ‘Man with a Van’ Offer?

The main purpose of a ‘man with a van’ service is to transport items from A to B. Whether you’re moving to a new house, purchasing new furniture, or have rubbish that you need disposing of, many people opt for this service over large removal companies for numerous reasons. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to waste tons of money getting your items moved, choosing a man with a van service may be the better option when compared to large removal companies. To help make your mind up, here are some of the services that a man with a van can offer.

House Move

Moving home is regarded as one of the most stressful life events you can endure. No matter the reason for the move, transporting your possessions from A to B can take its toll mentally and physically. To reduce stress levels, getting a helping hand from a man and van company can help. House removals are typically the main service that a man with a van company provides. Some companies also provide packing and unpacking services, as well as the dismantling and assembly of furniture.

Furniture Delivery

If you are looking to move and need furniture delivered to your new property, a man with a van service can help. Moving or delivering furniture can be challenging. While some items will be small and easy to transport, others will be so big and bulky that you may not be able to do it on your own. Whether you need a bookshelf moving, a piano, or your couches, Shift. Online has years of experience in picking up and delivering furniture of all different shapes and sizes.

Waste Disposal

Those who enjoy DIY and home improvement projects will likely accumulate a ton of junk and waste that needs disposing of. If you don’t have the means to transport junk from your home to the tip, using a man with a van service may be your best bet. Garden waste and household rubbish can easily take over, hang around and leave a nasty smell. Hiring a man and van company to remove your waste can put your mind at ease.

Storage Facilities

If you have any furniture or items that you need to put in storage for the time being, a man and van company can help. Whether it’s for a couple of days, weeks, or even months, you can store your possessions in a safe environment, with many companies offering facilities with climate control. Be warned, however, there are prohibited items like flammable and perishable products that you won’t be able to store.

Office Removal

As a business owner, you may be looking to upsize or downsize your operation. If you need to move premises, transporting all your equipment and furniture can be a hassle if you try and do everything yourself. Instead of hiring a large removal company that can charge excessive fees. So; a man and van company can help you and your team relocate with ease.

There are various services related to handling. However; the transport of goods and households that man and van companies can provide. As they tend to be ‘one-man’ bands. This means that they may be ideal for you if you’re looking for a small removals company locally.

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