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What is Woke Bingo 

Bingo has been around for centuries, but something happened in the 1960s (at least in the UK) to make it even more popular until it was something that the majority of people seemed to do. It was a national pastime, and generations of the same family, or big groups of friends, would head out to the bingo halls once a week to enjoy their game – play here.

Although the way in which bingo is played has changed – more people play online than in a bingo hall right now – the popularity hasn’t. Everyone knows just how to play bingo, it’s easy to do, and it’s fun, so of course, many people are going to want to be involved.

The only real changes in bingo were its most to the internet, but this was taken in everyone’s stride.

And the came woke bingo, and things changed again, although not necessarily for the better.

Woke Bingo Arrives

Not everyone is going to like the idea that bingo has changed and not simply been left as a game that worked well in its own right, but others are going to celebrate the fact, and those who are celebrating are most likely going to be in the younger generation. Their main issue with bingo was not the game itself but was actually the calls that went along with it. The traditional way for a bingo caller to let people know just what number had been selected had all kinds of different rhymes to alert people to what was happening, and some of them weren’t exactly PC.

Although the calls are always going to be important because they mean no one can mistake one number for another and make a mistake in the game, some thought it was time to update them to ensure they were a little more polite.

Woke bingo has new calls that, although kinder to anyone who might take offense, don’t exactly make any sense. Yet if you want to play woke bingo, this is what you will get:

7 = Flexitarian

9 = Get an Uber from mine

14 = Netflix and chill

25 = Quarter-life crisis

35 = It’s a vibe

38 = Avocado on a plate

39 = Love Island time

48 = Not another Brexit debate

49 = Amazon Prime

54 = Lads on tour

68 = Tinder date

74 = Recycle more

78 = Haters gon’ hate

86 = Instagram pics

88 = Wills and Kate

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