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What is the coat Beth wears in Yellowstone?

Are you a fan of the television program Yellowstone? I haven’t been this amused in years; if that’s the case, you’re in for a treat because you’ve discovered something incredible. It is a contemporary western series that is thrilling, intellectual, and visually appealing. What am I talking about when I mention Yellowstone? To write about preparing for an equestrian or western-themed vacation, and since I am completely fascinated with this program, I took inspiration from their clothing. How to dress like the characters from Yellowstone National Park is detailed below.

Beth Dutton of Yellowstone National Park is a legend. She is tough, intelligent, and funny, and she knows how to kick some asses. She also has some amazing clothes to show off. The writing style of Beth Dutton leaves us dumbfounded. I fell in love with her turquoise-blue hooded, button-up, poncho coat-thing in season 3, episode 6, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. Since the program aired, I’ve had many requests to locate this coat on social media platforms such as Facebook groups, Instagram stories, and the like. Believe me when I say that I followed them carefully to locate it as well. Then it was discovered. This is the actual coat that Beth Dutton wore, in all of its splendor. It is fair to say that the Lindsey Thornburg Pagosa Springs Cloak in Sapphire Blue is opulent in every sense of the word. The same may be said about the pricing. The price of this poncho thing is 1,395.00 dollars. As a result, that dream was buried in the soil. I may never be able to afford this identical coat, but there are a few coats out there that are comparable in design that will make your Beth Dutton blue coat fantasies come true for a fraction of the price.

An overview of Yellowstone the Show

Yellowstone is a television program that airs on Paramount Network and stars Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, and Kelly Reilly as the main characters. A rural family in Montana is embroiled in a legal battle to save their property from being taken over by various individuals and corporations. I realize it doesn’t seem all that exciting, but believe me when I say it is! Simply said, I don’t want to give away too many spoilers if you haven’t already seen the film.

Kevin Costner (in the show, he goes by the name of John Dutton) is the father of this family, and Kelly Reilly (in the show, she goes by the name of Beth Dutton) is his daughter. For those without cable, you may watch it on Sling, Peacock, or Amazon Prime Video, or you can buy it for a small fee.

As a result of the way, this year has progressed, and that we are not spending our time abroad, my husband and I have been binge-watching every program shown on television this year! My folks are enormous fans of Yellowstone National Park. My father, in particular, likes it, but he enjoys anything in which Kevin Costner appears. (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Tin Cup with him at least 14,000 times, lol.) As a result, I didn’t begin viewing until just now. But I was missing out on something. It’s a fantastic show.

Coat with hood in blue

This is one of Beth Dutton’s most prominently featured outfits throughout the program. This specific coat is constructed of a high-quality wool mix on the outside and a comfortable cotton fabric lining on the inside. There is a hooded collar on the coat, and the front is open with a single toggle buttoned closure. Long sleeves with open hem cuffs are featured on this coat. Two patch waist pockets are on the exterior of the coat, and two inside pockets are included. It is available in a blue hue with a Native American pattern print on the front and back.

For all formal occasions and dressing up as Beth Dutton for this year’s Halloween or costume party, the coat is a must-have item of clothing.


Dressing dressed as Beth Dutton from Yellowstone’s popular Netflix television program is a great idea, but making a good impression is even more important. You would undoubtedly need a wig that is very identical to Beth Dutton’s. This wig is composed of a high-quality synthetic fiber that will last for a long time. It can withstand high temperatures and is heat resistant. This wig is equipped with a cap that is adjustable, breathable, and comfy. It is blonde in hue and features bangs that are identical to the haircut worn by Beth Dutton on the television program.

Take hold of this wig right now and complete your overall Beth Dutton costume look. This wig may also be used for a variety of different outfits. Take advantage of this opportunity to complete your appearance.

T-shirt with a v-neck

It’s now possible to get your hands on this beautiful tank top composed of 60 percent combed ringspun cotton and 40 percent polyester. Because the tank top is an imported product, you can be certain of its excellent quality. It has been fabric washed and is labeled with a tear-away label. A round neckline and no sleeves distinguish this tank top from the others. It is available in the color white.

You may now take hold of this tank top and wear it on all of your informal outings with friends and family. Put a jacket over this tank top, and you’ll be set to go out in no time.

Beth Dutton Blue Coat

This Plaid Wool Blanket Wrap from Stetson is the right amount of big, precisely as Beth’s wrap is. The neutrals will go with any outfit and will keep you warm with their wool content.

This Tasha Polizzi Women’s Park City Blanket Coat is stunning in every way. It’s impossible to miss the Beth Dutton influence on this coat, which has a bright Aztec pattern as well as fur embellishments.

This Savannah Sevens The Mandeville coat is a departure from Beth’s cape in terms of shape and color, but it does not fall short in style or functionality. With the powder blue highlights, the cream and tan pattern is a perfect match. And then there are those buttons! She unquestionably endorses Beth Dutton’s sense of style.

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