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What is Cinema8 Interactive Video Platform?

Video content has increased drastically in recent years, necessitating the creation of high-quality, diverse content. When it comes to video content, every effective marketing plan must include capturing people’s attention and increasing audience engagement.

That’s critical in an age where video content competes with that of other companies and with entertainment and personal material from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. In this regard, whether you work in sales & marketing, arts, customer service, learning, or HR & marketing, interactive video is a tremendous benefit.

Interactivity will be a powerful tool to engage your audience with Cinema8: it will allow you to present your brand to customers with personalized content, create artful video stories, create gamified help videos for your customers, get detailed insights from your learning video, and use interactive video surveys reports to hire and gather information from your employees. For more information on Cinema8, visit our website at cinema8.

What do you mean by Cinema8 Interactive Video Platform?

Cinema8 is an interactive video platform that allows you to create stunning interactive videos without coding or video production skills. Cinema8’s straightforward drag-and-drop logic simplifies the production of interactive videos.

With video marketing being the most effective form of brand promotion and a conduit for deep audience interaction, having an interactive video strategy may be very beneficial, whether you work in sales and marketing, arts, customer service, learning, or HR & marketing.

interactive video tool like Cinema8 can do the following things for you,

  • Create interactive videos quickly and easily to engage your audience.
  • Allows you to promote your brand to customers via customized content.
  • Make video tales that are artistically pleasing to the eye.
  • Prepare gamified customer support videos.
  • Get in-depth information from your learning video.

Everything to know about Cinema8 Interactive Video Platform:

Below are some of the main features of Cinema8 Interactive Video Platform,

1.    Open-ended Interactive video tools:

You can enhance your video pictures, dynamic words, URLs, HMTL content, and more with a comprehensive set of features and tools.

2.    It’s compatible with YouTube and Vimeo:

For video management, the platform integrates with YouTube and Vimeo. You can submit your films or utilize the Cinema8 library, which includes various videos on technology, business, nature, science, and more.

3.    Connects to Learning Management Systems (LMS):

Due to SCORM compatibility, using Cinema8 on Learning Management Systems (LMS) is pretty simple; all you have to do is export your interactive video and use it. Another platform feature is the embed code feature, which allows you to show your video anywhere you want. You can also track where your audience came from using the referrer URL, which shows which link the viewers came from.

4.    Internal Video and Corporate Communications:

You may post interactive films on a corporate channel using the built-in Enterprise Tube feature, which allows you to establish channels and playlists, categorize your videos, engage with your audience using the like, dislike, and vote features, and provide users with a login option. Integrations with all systems using Single-Sign-On and Enterprise Systems (SAP, Oracle, AD, LDAP, Custom HR Systems) will be easier in the future.

5.    Reporting and Video Analytics:

Forget the previous paradigm, when the only data you could obtain from video material was the number of visualizations; Cinema8 provides a comprehensive set of analytics data. View your video’s heat maps, get detailed usage reports, a comprehensive analysis that includes device-based reports, browser-based reports, detailed interactions reports, and interest analysis, and easily manage the entire process with a comprehensive set of graphics and data about your content’s performance.

6.    In-video Form Creator:

In-video surveys may be created using Cinema8’s wide form builder and designer. You may ask a variety of inquiries and collect and retain important information about your visitors.

7.    Storyflow Feature:

The Storyflow feature lets you add an infinite number of videos to a timeline, allowing you to create compelling tales. Storyflow makes it simple to combine several video snippets into interactive “choose-your-own-adventure” movies. This feature contains conditional action, which enables you to store the viewer’s actions for later use, useful for gamification.

8.    Live Streaming Support:

Cinema8 has built-in live streaming, so you can start broadcasting right away without downloading an app or software. Simply provide your audience a link, and they’ll be able to watch your show live from anywhere on any device.

9.    Video Security:

It’s not an issue if you want your material to be seen by your workers or a particular audience; the limited domain function allows you to limit your video only to be displayed on a specified URL. Another option for security is password protection, which simply makes your movies accessible to those who provide the proper password.

10. Local caching:

Not only can you produce videos using the Cinema8 platform, but you can also save them, conserving server or computer space. Another benefit for businesses is local caching, which provides faster access to movies by storing data on your server and enabling many users to watch videos simultaneously.

11. Conditional actions:

Another remarkable feature of Cinema8 is conditional action, which enables you to store the viewer’s actions for later use utilizing memory settings. Gamification may assign points to choices and then guide the viewer in various directions depending on the alternatives chosen.

12. 360° Interactive Video

Unlike traditional videos, 360° videos offer a circular perspective that allows you to see every element of the movie. As a result, its popularity is growing by the day. While opposed to ordinary movies, 360 videos, on the other hand, need 360 cameras of various constructions when filming. Despite this additional need, shooting 360 films is simple.

In reality, you can conduct the same interactions in 360-degree films that you can in regular videos. Simply drag and drop the tool over your 360 videos to see the difference.


Cinema8 is a comprehensive interactive video platform with a user-friendly design and sophisticated functionality. It comes with everything you’ll need to create beautiful, interactive movies.

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