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What is a butterfly knife?

Butterfly knives are quite new in the marketplace. You may have heard of them if you are a fan of YouTube vloggers who test out new products and give in-depth reviews. These individuals often use branded products and showcase them in their videos. You can also find these vloggers on Twitter if you want to be kept up to date with the latest news and products – they often shout out to their Twitter followers when they are reviewing something new and exciting.

Butterfly knives are different. YouTube vloggers may have influenced the general public’s understanding of these knives, but the reality is that not that many people know what one is. If you have ever wondered what the next big thing is or what the viral trend is, then you may find the answer in the form of a butterfly knife. They have been around for a while but gained a lot of popularity in the past year, proving that even viral trends can stick around for the right reasons.


The very first butterfly knives were manufactured in Switzerland around the year 1874. These knives were created to be used as an alternative to surgical knives. They were inspired by Swedish fish knives, which were historically used for gutting fish. The first surgical butcher’s knives had sharp points and were used for cutting bones – much like a fish spine. However, the blades of a typical Swiss knife were thin and flexible, making it easier for the user to cut through meat without causing too much damage.

The design of a typical Swiss knife was improved upon by a number of makers in the following decades. Today, the blade of a Swiss knife is still called a sheath and the entire knife is encased in a plastic sheath that keeps it safe and prevents the blade from being damaged by sweat or oils from the meat being cut.

Modern Use

Butterfly knives are best suited for use on large fish or animal parts such as steaks, fillets, and whole beasts. You may also see chefs and fishermen use these knives for deboning large cuts of meat. Because of their size, weight,, and flexibility, it is much easier for users to maneuver.

Since they are not that common, most people are not really aware of how efficient and useful butterfly knives can be when compared to traditional surgical knives. If you are looking to replace your meat cleaver or are just looking for the next big product evolution, then you may find what you are looking for in a butterfly knife.

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