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What documents do i need to live in Spain: Residency Options to living in Spain

Spain is likely on most expat shortlists in the European countries where people find rich culture, history & tranquility. As with most romanticized visions of sipping wine in Barcelona or eating tapas in Madrid, every potential expat must address the reality of legality that in order to live their dream. Most of the British population travels to Spain, where they spend their holidays, and most of them want to live permanently.

A large number of people are interested in living in Spain, but it is one of the most preferred destinations for the British who decide to move from the United Kingdom. According to official data, around 370,000 British expats currently reside in Spain, without counting the British citizens. The latter prefers renting a property in Spain to enjoy their holidays or be used for tourist rental in Spain.

While you plan on moving to Spain from UK, you have to complete a few procedures. Moving to Spain from UK, British citizens have to adhere to some legal and tax obligations in the transition period. Tejada Solicitors have prepared a brief guide for all essential information to prioritize tasks and carry them out in the best way.

It all starts with your NIE.

To apply for Spanish ID for foreigners – the NIE (número de identificación de extranjería), download the application form EX-15 and submit it through your nearest Spanish consulate. As required for most bureaucratic procedures, applying for your NIE before moving to Spain from UK will speed things up for you and make the process easier.

NIE Number in Spain

The NIE number in Spain can be called as your permit to carry out any legal transactions in another country. The significance of the NIE number in Spain lies in the fact that it is vital for all kinds of procedures that include serious tax implications.

How to get the NIE number?

If you obtain the NIE number before going to Spain, you can get it from the embassy. However, if you want to get your NIE number after moving to Spain from UK, the best way is to get it from the nearest police station or the Foreigners office. Get an appointment at any of the mentioned places and take the following with you

  • The NIE application form (You can find it online)
  • Your passport and its copy
  • Application fee (more or less € 10)

While moving to Spain from UK, another way to get your NIE number in Spain is through a lawyer.

An incredible fact about the NIE number is that it does not have an expiry date. It makes renting a property in Spain incredibly easy.

Though remember that having the NIE number doesn’t make you a citizen of Spain; it is just a part of the process.

Tax residence:

You must apply for the NIE number in Spain for the tax residency at your Immigration office or police station within a maximum period of 3 months from arrival in Spain, proving that you meet the requirements to be a tax resident in Spain.

Driver’s license:

If you want to continue to use your car in Spain. You will have to apply for a Spanish driver’s license, which can take up to 6 months.

Opening a bank account:

In Spain, the documentation and requirements may differ depending on the bank you choose. In general terms, the primary required documents are as follows:

Passport, Personal and financial information, such as your P60, Personal Income Tax, or pension certificate.

Renting a property in Spain

If you are visiting Spain for a short span and don’t wish to stay there for long, renting a residential property or office space in Spain can be a better option than spending a lot of money to purchase a property. It is also pocket-friendly if you do not have a hefty budget.

On the other hand, people who visit Spain often prefer buying a property in the region and make renting a property in Spain as an investment. Buying property is not difficult once you have your NIE number in Spain. Renting a property in Spain for tourists is illegal to rent out space without having it registered with the Andalusian Tourism Registry.

What will it be like Post-Brexit?

The post-Brexit residency procedure requirements in Spain are yet to be released.

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