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What CBD Oil Can Do for Arthritis Dogs

What CBD Oil Can Do for Arthritic Dogs

One out of five dogs will experience some form of arthritis in their lifetime. That is a pretty big percentage, isn’t it? The chances of your dog not being affected seem to be rather slim. This ailment can be caused by a wide variety of conditions, but age and developmental issues are among the top reasons. It’s also most common among larger breeds, but smaller ones can also suffer from it.

Here’s a detailed explanation of this issue: http://www.pethealthnetwork.com/dog-health/dog-diseases-conditions-a-z/arthritis-dogs

While it is true that older and larger dogs are most susceptible to this condition, it doesn’t mean that the younger and smaller ones are protected. Arthritis can occur in any canine and it is your responsibility to recognize it and find a way to help your pet. You need to be a responsible, observant, and attentive owner in order to notice when this issue starts developing because it’s much better to start treating it in the early stages.

To make sure you’re doing everything you can in order to prevent arthritis from occurring, you need to do regular vet checkups and ensure the best possible care. Investing in pet insurance is also a good idea as it can alleviate some of the vet-related costs. Look into Bivvy for good pet plans.

Symptoms of Arthritis In Dogs

In order to notice the problem in the early stages, you will have to look out for certain symptoms. Most of those are rather obvious, such as swelling and pain in the joints. Other signs, however, are much more subtle, meaning that you have to be extra attentive in order to recognize them. After all, it’s not like your dog can tell you that something is wrong.

Those subtle signs include laziness and lameness, unwillingness to go for walks or climb the stairs, loss of appetite and weight gain, as well as general grumpy behavior. In addition to that, if you notice your canine licking its joints frequently and whining or panting, that might be another sign of arthritis. If left untreated, this can even lead to depression.


I need to make one thing clear before we continue because I don’t want to get your hopes up and then disappoint you. This ailment, and especially the chronic one, cannot be cured in the most basic sense of that word. I know that this might sound harsh and that it is difficult for you as the owner to accept a fact like that, but the sooner you understand it, the sooner you will find the right way to help your canine. Yes, even though it is “incurable”, there is a way to help an arthritic dog get better.

Now you are probably wondering how this is possible, so let me quickly explain. Say your dog has gotten rather lazy due to the pain and the inflammation of its joints. That will probably also lead to it becoming overweight and, possibly, depressed. In order to help it, you will need to deal with all those issues that have arisen from arthritis.

For example, if your canine is overweight, you’ll have to start managing its diet, because the excess weight causes more issues on its joints. Then, you’ll also need to find a way to ease its pain and reduce inflammation, which will help the dog become more active again. All of that will also make the pet much happier and a lot less depressed. The key to treating arthritis is to treat its symptoms and be determined and consistent in those efforts to help the animal.

What CBD Oil Can Do

What CBD Oil Can Do

Treating all of the above symptoms might be a bit difficult if you don’t have certain products to help you in the process. One of those products that can make a huge difference is made from a cannabis-derived compound known as Cannabidiol or CBD. In case you haven’t guessed it by now, I am talking about CBD oil, which is now widely used for treating all kinds of ailments in both humans and animals.

Since you have probably already heard about this product, you are aware of the necessity to have a good source of information like the Pet CBD Community. This helps to get the best CBD Oil for dogs which could help your furry friend be healthier and happier. In other words, you know that you must find a trustworthy and reliable supplier who will sell you the perfect product that does exactly what it says it does. If you still don’t know what CBD oil should actually do when arthritis is in question, let me offer some clarifications.

It Reduces Pain

This product is mostly known for its ability to reduce pain. Evidence shows that it is rather successful in that regard, which means that your arthritic dog will gradually stop feeling any pain whatsoever after you start administering CBD oil. Due to that, the canine will become much more active, which can help deal with the weight problem as well. If your pet is refusing to go for walks or play, that’s because it is in huge pain and this oil can help deal with that pain.

It Fights Inflammation

Another reason why your canine won’t move and the reason why it is in pain in the first place is that its joints are swollen and inflamed. Cannabidiol is known as an anti-inflammatory compound. Can you guess what that means? The answer is rather obvious. CBD oil will successfully fight the inflammation that is causing your dog troubles and preventing it from being mobile, agile, and active, and that will help the animal become more energetic and lively.

It Restores Appetite

As I have mentioned above, one of the symptoms of arthritis is the loss of appetite. This is probably also caused by all the pain that your pet is feeling, but it can also be an individual symptom not connected to the pain and the inflammation. In any case, CBD oil can solve this issue as well. When you start giving it to your pet, you will notice its appetite gradually increasing and eventually restoring to its previous state.

It Deals With Depression

We have also made it clear that arthritic canines can become grumpy and depressed. CBD oil can turn this around and improve the mood of your dog in no time. In other words, it will turn their frown upside down. By successfully dealing with all these symptoms, you’ll help your pup lead a significantly better life even though it is affected by arthritis.

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