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What Are Examples Of Out-Of-Home Advertising?

When most people think of out of home advertising they automatically think of billboards. But wait, there’s more… out of home advertising is so much more than just billboards. In this article, we offer a look at examples of the various forms of out of home advertising

Out of home advertising if refereed to many different things including outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising offers a great opportunity for businesses to increase brand awareness, beef up visibility, and increase sales.

Let’s jump right into looking at some of the examples of out of home advertising.

  1. Billboards

You probably guessed this would be at the top of the list. Billboards are the most popular form of out of home advertising. They are used around the world and you probably have seen a couple throughout your lifetime. One of the key advantages of billboards is that they are hard to miss and can be relatively inexpensive which makes them a very sufficient form of marketing. Often times you will find geographically-relevant information displayed on billboards you come across. Restaurants, shops, and hotels that are close by the billboard do this all the time.

  1. Vehicles home advertising

Public transportation and forms of mass transit have proven to be great when it comes to outdoor advertising. Ads placed on or inside of public transportation buses, trains, and even taxis are all great examples of out-of-home advertising. Ads placed inside of airports, train stations, and even bus stations are additional examples of mass transit outdoor advertising.

  1. Lifestyle Placed

The industry has grown so much that you’ll often find pieces of outdoor furniture used by the public utilized as modes of outdoor advertising. Park benches, shelters for public buses, public telephone kiosks, and even newspaper dispensers are all great examples.
Out of home advertising is constantly evolving thanks to new media formats constantly popping up. Newer formats are focusing more on reaching consumers, not only during their travels but also at any of the many destinations they visit during the day.

A host of different names refer to this grouping. Some of the names include non-traditional, place-based media, and lifestyle media. Take a moment to consider all the places we go on a daily basis, and when you take it a step further and consider the opportunities to create media at those places, it becomes clear that this form of advertising has a lot of potential choices.

This varies from a soccer mom at the grocery store before heading off to the gas station, then running her weekend errands and stopping to workout along the way.

Moreover, as we have seen in this article, out of home advertising includes a broad and diverse array of communication platforms that are designed to reach people at almost any point in their daily lives. It’s the oldest form of brand communication that humans have and it’s stood various tests over time as media landscapes continue to change because of the simple truth, it’s the most effective way to reach an audience.

While the growth of tv and the internet has been the behemoths in media. Out of home advertising is going through a form of a renaissance.


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