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Werewolf by Night Runtime Revealed Ahead of October Premiere

Michael Giacchino’s MCU directing debut stars Gael García Bernal.

Werewolf by Night Runtime Revealed that the official length of the film is 52 minutes and 37 seconds. As the spooky season draws closer, we are finally learning more details about the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ special, Werewolf by Night, composed by Michael Giacchino. You don’t have to worry about being riveted to your seat for the entirety of Avengers: Endgame because the official length of the special, which is scheduled to become available on the streaming service on October 7th, has already been determined.

Although the MCU has produced several short films in the past known as the MCU One-Shots, the majority of their attention in recent years has been directed toward their feature films and the series they produce for Disney+. Werewolf by Night is a relatively new endeavor for the MCU.

Werewolf by Night Runtime

Even though Disney is planning to broadcast the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special a few months after Werewolf by Night, the MCU’s first-ever holiday special, Werewolf by Night, maybe the first of its kind, but it won’t be the last. Giacchino has previously directed a few short films, but Werewolf by Night is the composer’s first attempt at directing a feature-length film according to the requirements of the Academy.

Giacchino has composed the music for a wide variety of films and television shows, including the Mission: Impossible series, the Jurassic World trilogy, the most recent Star Trek series, and even War for the Planet of the Apes, for which he was responsible for writing the score. Giacchino is another member of the Disney family that has been there for quite some time.

Since scoring Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange and composing the scores for films such as Jon Watts’ Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy, he has become an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) musical scene. He is also the composer of the scores for several films that were produced by Pixar. It is remarkable that Giacchino was able to serve in the dual roles of director and composer for the feature picture Werewolf by Night, given that he also directed and composed music for four other feature films that were released in 2014. (The Batman, Jurassic World Dominion, Lightyear, and Thor: Love and Thunder).

Gael Garcia Bernal plays the role of Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night in the upcoming film adaptation of Werewolf by Night, which was unveiled at this year’s D23 expo. Laura Donnelly plays Elsa Bloodstone, and Harriet Sansom Harris plays Veruca in the film. In addition to this, Giacchino has the assistance of fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe veterans Pete Cameron (Moon Knight) and Heather Quinn (Hawkeye), who co-wrote the script for this movie.

The film was shot by Westworld’s Zoe White, who also worked as the cinematographer on the project. The film’s creepy black-and-white style was recently displayed in a trailer, and it appears to be more similar to one of the Universal Classic Monsters flicks than anything else the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done in the past.

On October 7th, Werewolf by Night will be made available to stream online. Watch the promotional video down below:

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