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Wedding Veil: What Style Options Are Available?

Wedding Veil: What Style Options Are Available?

Your wedding veil is probably the most important bridal accessory. There are so many different options out there that it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide what you like and what will fit with your dress and style. The good news is that with all these different options, you are bound to find something that you love and will make you really feel like a bride. Here are some of the many wedding veil style options out there to help you with the process of picking a veil:


The first thing that we are going to cover about veils is the different lengths. You should choose a length based on your dress, the formality of the event, and the location of the event. For example, if you have a dress with a statement back. You might not want to cover that up with a long veil and should go with a shorter option. Moreover, a wedding veil if you are having a really casual event. A formal cathedral veil might not be the best option. And if your ceremony is taking place on rocks or stones that your veil could catch onto and rip from, you might want to forego a long veil as well.

  • Blusher – A short veil that reaches the shoulders and covers the bride’s face. Before being pulled back for the first kiss. This is a traditional option for a classic bride.
  • Elbow – A short veil that reaches anywhere between the shoulders and the elbows. This is a retro-style for a simple bride.
  • Fingertip – A medium-length veil that reaches around a bride’s hips or at her fingertips when her arms are down. wedding veil this is a fun style for a playful bride.
  • Waltz – A medium-length veil that reaches the back of the bride’s knees. This is a very romantic veil option for a classic bride.
  • Chapel – A longer veil length that spreads a few inches onto the ground behind the bride’s feet. This is a formal option for a traditional bride.
  • Cathedral – The longest veil length that extends. At least several feet behind the bride and requires a lot of assistance and caution. This is an extravagant option for a dramatic bride.

Styles wedding veil

  • Birdcage – A birdcage veil is a vintage piece that is made out of Russian netting and usually covers all or some of the bride’s face. Moreover, the wedding veil sometimes involves other details on the hairpiece or things like pearls or other embellishments.
  • Bubble – A bubble veil is a really bold and fun option that adds some height to the traditional veil styles.
  • Halo – A halo veil is a bohemian style that drapes down over the entire face and torso. You can truly add a halo with a bridal headpiece to wear over or under the veil fabric.
  • Flyaway – A flyaway veil is a fun multilayered veil that goes just past the shoulders to the middle of the back. This is a less formal style of veil that goes well with dresses with statement backs or short dresses.
  • Lace – A lace veil or a lace-trimmed veil is a romantic style that adds some wow factor to more simple dresses.
  • Appliques and Embellishments – Veils with floral appliques and pearl or crystal embellishments adds a layer of glam to any wedding dress. This is a great option for fun but formal brides looking for a statement piece.

After buying your wedding dress, you have to worry. About all your accessories ranging from jewelry, to shoes, to undergarments, to hairpieces, and of course the veil. There are so many different veil styles out there ranging from casual to formal.


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