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Ways you can enhance your time management skills

I bet one of the most challenging things we face every day is managing our time. Of course, some find this very easy, but it’s close to a nightmare to others. However, all would be well if it wasn’t for the different professions. Imagine a high school teacher, he/ she has to attend classes, mark the student’s homework, plan for student’s activities, deal with her stuff, among other many activities they have in a day. Some people might even say that 24 hours a day is not sufficient to complete all activities, but we still wish the days were shorter so that payday would come faster (wink). So, we can’t change the number of hours in our days, and we can’t wish to a genie in a lamp to manage our time, what can we do? The following are some ways one can efficiently manage their time. You can also find more content on enhancing time management skills with college paper writing services.

Identify your goals and plan.

The kids need their breakfast ready the next morning, you have a weekly report due, and you need to attend the gym. The most effective way is by setting long-term and short-term goals. After doing that, you can further sub-divide them into monthly, weekly, or daily goals. Using project management software as an alternative to asana is also a good option to consider. It now becomes easier to allocate time durations for all the goals you wish to accomplish as you will have known the urgency of your goals.

Try to Follow the Schedule:

Shockingly, you will realize that all that pressure you were piling on yourself was all just in your mind. After creating a routine or a schedule, try as much as possible to follow it to the latter. If you set your alarm at six o’clock for a morning run, NEVER hit the snooze button. Similarly, if you have huge goals, consider sub-dividing them into modules and allocate a significant amount of time to accomplish all of them comfortably and healthily.

Learn ways you can schedule your time.

The skill to determine the duration a given task will take and planning the most suitable deadline for that task is hugely underdeveloped and overlooked. However, you can time yourself when doing some projects, and after that, determine the time it takes for you to complete them. You get an estimation in time equivalence for the duration you need to complete a given task at hand. So, you will know when to start a task to beat the deadline or complete it in time. For instance, if you have a science assignment due in the next twelve hours, you can use the time it took you to complete the previous assignment to determine the amount of time you will need. After that, allocate that time to completing that assignment after adding things like the breaks you will need and other variables (just in case).

Avoid procrastination syndrome.

Procrastination and poor time management is a loop where one leads to the other without knowing where the source is. To break this chain, you need to have a proper time management strategy in place and avoid procrastination simultaneously. Most people tend to push stuff ahead. Why? When you feel that you have more time to complete a task while you have nothing to do at the moment, it is an indication that your time management needs a check. First, you will need to adopt an effective time management schedule and try as much as possible to stick to it. You can break down large tasks to smaller sub-tasks for a start, and therefore you’ll feel more at ease accomplishing them.

Be positive.

Your attitude towards something matters. Try to stay positive in your endeavors at work and when doing other tasks. If you feel you’re able to accomplish something within a specified period, then it’s possible. The contrary is also true. If you have a challenge, consult for help instead of giving up hope in that endeavor.

Avoid interruptions.

Many things can interrupt a person when doing any activity or task. The most common deterrent in today’s society is the mobile phone. Try hard to minimize interruptions when working on a project for you to complete it in time. It also have full concentration on the task at hand.


In a nutshell, there are many challenges in managing your time efficiently, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Determination and focus are essential.

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