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4 Ways to Improve your website design to boost sales

4 Ways to Improve your website design to boost sales

If your brand or e-commerce business is not making the expected sales or growing at the speed you like, then, it is high time for you to put your thinking cap on and pull up your socks. It doesn’t seem right to have a good-looking website with unique content and still make fewer sales. What you need to do now is to improve your website design to increase the conversion rate and boost sales. However, you may not be someone who has experience with web design and if that is the case, you need to hire a web design company like Blue Whale Media, who have experienced website designers from Manchester. If you do have experience with web design, then let’s consider the following tips that you should ensure you include on your website.

Ways to Improve your website design to boost sales

1 Use Compelling CTAs

Also known as Call To Actions, CTA is one of the essential elements you should never do away with on your site. If not all, you should ensure that virtually every page on your website has one CTA or more. This element helps you guide your audience or visitors through the buying journey and directly impacts your conversion rates and message some important messages on how confident you can execute a particular task or offer a service. Don’t forget to position these CTAs in the right places after including them on your website. For instance, you should ask a question like, “Could the text be more interesting or positive?”

2 Have an appealing website design

Probably, the little or no conversion rate on your website might have been as a result of a poor or unattractive design you have on the website. So, it would be best if you were sure you have a good-looking design on the platform. You can check our post on how to design a beautiful website if you are yet to get your website started. If you have an existing website and you discover it isn’t appealing, then it is time you improved it. One of the major secrets to having a unique website design is having the demands of your target audience match the style, color, and tone of the website. I have seen a website that offers professional services to other businesses having bright and flashy colors with relaxed text on the platform. I won’t be surprised if the type of website makes fewer sales.

3 Include Videos

According to world-renowned web and graphics designers, videos increase over 140 percent of the sales rate of a business or brand. This theory also applies to you having a video(s) on your website. However, the type of video you should add depends on the kind of service you offer. For instance, if your brand sells Essential Oils, you can have a video that portrays why your customers need to get the oil, as well as the video showing how it is being used. A video that demonstrates how your service is special from your competitors can be used on a website that offers services.

4 Make Navigation Easy

Although this idea might sound unnecessary, it goes a long way in boosting sales for your business. Not only should the structure of your website be intuitive but also simple to use. With this simplicity, anybody can use your website without any difficulties. You can never go wrong if you try to create a logical flow for the users.

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