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Watching Videos As A Social Distancing Measure

Watching Videos as a Social Distancing Measure

Live stream entertainment has ballooned in recent years. Social distancing For many people, it is now an essential part of their life to open their devices and watch their favorite movies and TV series when they find some free time. It has become easier to find a free legal place to watch your favorite anime or get a subscription and binge-watch your favorite TV series and movies.

Global Consumers

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau in 2018, 67% of global consumers have streamed live video when compared to 2017, and 52% of them prefer free over subscriptions to paid streaming services. 64% of these consumers have engaged with an advertisement while live streaming. These numbers look very promising to advertisers who have begun to see these types of services as another golden opportunity to expand their marketing base.

Social Distancing and Live Streaming

As the world reels from the pandemic that has gripped many countries, quarantine measures have forced people to stay at home. A percentage of them still do their work at home, but most of them are just at home with nothing to do. The only entertainment available to us right now is video streaming services. Indeed, many streaming services have even begun to offer longer free trials for potential customers who are stuck at home. For many companies, this is the opportunity they have been looking for. It is the chance to potentially increase the number of your potential subscribers, taking advantage of the current social-distancing situation.

For some streaming services, they already had their free-trial programs before this situation broke. For the others, it is an opportunity to offer the same and, at the same time, help the people at the home pass the time. It is their way of helping while advertising. This kind of opportunity is rare.

Social distancing None of us knows when the quarantine measures will end. The virus is still on a rampage in many countries. It is safe to assume that people would not be going on vacation any time soon. One of the priorities, when the quarantine ends, is to get back to work and start earning again. Others might travel to their home states and check on their loved ones. In any case, the fear of contracting the virus will remain long after all of this is finished.

The majority will still choose to stay at home just to be sure that the threat is really over. Nobody will venture outside unless they have to. Because of this, live video streaming will surely be the primary entertainment option for the months to come.

Social Media Discussions

Social distancing Finding a free legal place to stream your favorite anime titles, TV series, movies, and features has never been easier. Video streaming services have even intensified their ad campaigns on social media. Some social media groups are now dedicated to talking about their favorite titles. It is not surprising to see a post on social media asking other people’s opinions on a movie or TV series. Expect these discussions to be lively and spirited.

Social distancing Staying at home will be boring for the people who are not used to it. Sometimes, we need to do everything we can to entertain ourselves, whichever way we can. With online streaming videos readily available. There is no doubt people will be turning to them in the coming weeks (or months). If the time to binge-watch your favorite TV series was not available before, it is now.

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