“War of Worlds” to Release on BBC Unleashing Battle Among Martians and Earth People

“War of Worlds” to Release on BBC Unleashing Battle Among Martians and Earth People

BBC is all set to bring another remarkable series on your screens. War of Worlds, a three-part sci-fi series is on its way to pop-up on BBC unleashing a roar of a breath-taking battle between Mars and Earth. 

Here’s the new adaptation of the very first Alien Invasion Story found in the literature. It is the first British adaptation of Wars of World. BBC’s adaptation of this alien invasion story, Wars of World will consist of three parts. The first part of the sci-fi series will drop three episodes as it’s a miniseries.


The first part of the sci-fi miniseries, War of Worlds will release by the end of 2019. Till now, we haven’t received any news regarding the exact release date of the series. 

War of Worlds, the BBC’s new sci-fi series is all set to take us to Edwardian England where a meteoroid falls and brings Martian Aliens with itself. Yes, War of World is a story of a breath-taking battle held between the Aliens of Mars, and the Earth People.


Additionally, the Wars of World will follow the struggle of humanity to save themselves and defeat Martians and bring peace back on Earth. In this BBC’s adaptation series of War of Worlds, we will see George and Amy in leading roles struggling to defeat their foe which is certainly far beyond their reach.

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