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USA Immigration Policies During Coronavirus

It is a fact that the USA is found to be a severe victim of Coronavirus at the moment. Here, it is due to the uncontrollable situation over the problem even the government is adapting the plethora of policies for resolving the issue. Immigration Policies During Coronavirus is intending to play its part for the purpose. The outbreak of the virus is announced as a pandemic globally. It is also offering to put travel control in some of the countries, specifically in the USA, where the death toll has crossed the level of 65,000 people.

What are the modifications in the USA immigration policies during the Coronavirus pandemic?

It seems that the travel plan and policies kept on modification mode since the breakout of the pandemic in the USA. They are intending the procedure of changing the travel role from USA immigration as per the needs of the time.

Travel harmed control policies. Here, it is genuinely adding to the more cases in the USA, for the purpose, they are also following the formula of control and ban to the specific travelers in the start. Later the prohibition extended to the citizens around the globe.

What Is The Immune System?


In January 2020, Trump announced a ban on the entry in the USA. Immune was a specific ban on the Chinese. US citizens plus close allies weren’t supposed to bear any kind of issue due to the question of travel and USA immigration control.


The scenario changed in February 2020. soon they extended the ban to Iran travelers in addition to the Chinese. USA immigration policies during coronavirus was specific for the exclusion of regular and permanent citizens of the USA green cardholders.


Things went into a strict mode in March 2020. The ban is extending to Ireland and European travelers. Most of the visa services are suspending even for the general and green card holders via the proper route of USA immigration.


USA immigration went on the strict mode of April 2020 as the things were going to be more and more critical. They failed to hold on in all regards as it became a real pandemic, and the death toll reached 50,000 people. It was a warm alert for Trump.

USA immigration signed a specific order for controlling the travel. It became a permanent ban on all kinds of journeys to and from the USA. Immigration Policies During Coronavirus is intending to play its part for the purpose. It is enforcing for 60 days approximately. A new lawsuit is filing for administering the plan for control of travel.

Current situation of USA immigration policy in MAY 2020

Requests for Evidence are crossing the deadlines. No response was considered to be working for the limit of 60 days in the USA. They are supposing to respond via USA immigration after proper orders from the Trump office.

The rolling list of updates keeps on adding to the message of the control. The state departments and immigration lawyers intend to take control of the trouble. Thus they are following the formula of more and more following the government and USA immigration.

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