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Uqora’s Clinical Trials Are Changing the Urinary Health Space

Urinary Tract Infections is the type of infection which is more common in women than men and caused through bacteria. They directly affect the bladder, kidneys, and urethra. When you urinate, it gets painful. Considering this, to boost the urinary tract health, Jenna Ryan, a founder of Uqora, builds Uqora to boost the urinary tract. Uqora produces science-based and innovative Uqora’s products. If you want this for yourself, you need to know if you come in the category of Target, Promote or control.


Firstly; When mixed with drinks, Target helps to flush your urinary tract in moments of vulnerability, after the sex.


Secondly; the ingredients in Target act effectively to flush the urinary tract gently. At about the same moment, Target offers direct immune support for your urinary system.

When should you drink it?

Thirdly; drink it after sex or whenever you feel low physically. You can also use it after the exercise or in long periods. The point is it helps to flush out the urinary tract regularly. So drink it once in a period of three days.


 Lastly; it includes Potassium, Magnesium Natural Lemon Flavor, Calcium, Citric Acid, Vitamin B6, Organic Stevia, Vitamin C, Silicon Dioxide, D-mannose, Beet Juice Powder.


Firstly; control can cleanse the biofilm effectively and makes you stay healthy if you have an intake of this daily. Moreover, it supports the urinary tract.


 Secondly; “Biofilm” can quickly build up in your urinary tract. Control has ingredients that cleanse the biofilm.


Lastly; it includes black Pepper Powder, Green tea extract, D-mannose, Vegan capsule, Curcumin.


Firstly; promote is a probiotic that maintains the balance of the vaginal microbiome. A vaginal microbiome is a crucial component of urinary health.


Secondly; promote has two bacteria strains, Lactobacillus Reuteri, and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus. These bacteria release acids in the vagina that keep in check the unhealthy bacteria. Promote gives healthy bacteria to fight off unhealthy ones.  


Lastly; it includes Hypromellose, Fructooligosaccharides, Rice Flour, Lactobacillus Reuteri, Magnesium Stearate, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus.

Whole System:

The whole system offers protection from all dimensions: target to wash the urinary tract, promote balances the health of the urogenital system, and control cleanses the biofilm.

Is the use of Uqora harmless?

 Uqora is harmless for all age groups. Although many parents buy it for their children, these products have no side effects because all the ingredients are harmless and only help in betterment. The US FDA has recognized it as safe (GRAS).  

 Uqora over time:

Our goal is always to help those who are suffering from urinary issues. We have always encouraged the less use of antibiotics. Our first product was Target, which is helpful after sex, then control (that can be used daily), then Promote ( contains bacterial strains). Many people take these three products together and find themselves more active, fresh, and healthy. We have always been thinking to prevent the urinary tract diseases because some people avoid talking about these issues.

 These products have proved excellent in treatment, and people are buying these without a second thought. If you are also suffering from any of these symptoms, we would recommend the use of Uqora products that are extremely helpful.