At the time of writing this article (09.06.2020.), Croatia has 15 active cases of COVID-19 patients, with no new recorded cases in the last 4 days. With the total of 2.247 cases and 104 deaths during the entire epidemic up until now, Croatia is on the list of countries which are considered the safest destinations for travelling in Europe after the pandemic.  Due to these favourable circumstances Croatian government continues to ease restrictions within the country, while further relaxation of existing restrictions is expected during the upcoming weeks. Even though many countries still have travel restrictions or mandatory quarantines at place, situation is slowly starting to return to normal (or at least, the new post-pandemic normal), which has encouraged many people to start thinking about their summer holidays in Croatia again. In this article, we will give you updates regarding travelling to Croatia in 2020 and recommendations for safe travels.

  • Starting from May 9th, quarantine and self-isolation is no longer imposed on any foreign travellers entering Republic of Croatia. It can only be imposed to individual travellers during border checks in case it is determined that they have been in contact with a person infected with COVID-19.
  • Croatia has opened the borders for foreign travellers since end of May, however travel requirements may vary depending on the country of origin
  • At the moment Croatian borders are open without any additional requirements for travellers from the following countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Republic of Austria, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Poland, Republic of Slovenia, Federal Republic of Germany and Slovak Republic, which means that travellers from these countries will be able to enter under the same conditions as before the outbreak of COVID-19, but will still be subject to epidemiological control and have the obligation to comply with recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.
  • Travellers from other countries must provide a valid reason for visiting the country (business, economic, touristic or personal reason). For a touristic visit, it is necessary to present the confirmation of accommodation booking in an accommodation establishment in Croatia (voucher from a travel agency, camp lease contract, permanent berth contract etc.).
  • Any travellers or citizens that are allowed entry or return to Croatia at this time are required to follow the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health. Travellers crossing the borders will be given a leaflet with guidelines and instructions on safety measures for preventing the spread of COVID-19.
  • Croatian Ministry of Tourism has launched a new online web form called EnterCroatia available on the following link: https://entercroatia.mup.hr which allows visitors to enter all the necessary information prior to traveling to Croatia and speed up border crossing. All visitors who fill out the online form will receive email instructions that will include epidemiological guidelines and information that are currently in place
  • With the epidemic at its end, airlines are updating their flights schedules and reopening flights to Croatia on a daily basis. At the moment, direct flights to Croatia are opened from Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Zurich and Prague and it is expected that other destinations will also be added to the list throughout June.
  • Caffes, restaurants and supermarkets are already reopened and work regulary, complying with the latest guidelines of the Institute of Public Health
  • National parks are also reopened for public and allow visitors (with a limited number of visitors allowed in the park at the same time in order to prevent crowds and allow social distancing)
  • Taxis and transfer services are also functioning, complying with the instructions of the Institute of Public Health


As mentioned before, restrictions and safety measures are being lifted regularly, according to the epidemiologic situation. No one can say for certain when will everything return to normal and when will we be able to travel the way we used to before the pandemic, however that does not mean that your holidays in Croatia this year cannot be relaxing and unforgettable. You can still enjoy in all the natural attractions, landmarks and tourist activities while respecting the necessary measures recommended by the health experts. This is where we step in – Eos Croatia travel agency will help you plan your next trip to Croatia during these unprecedented times, from choosing the perfect accommodation to organizing trips and activities during your stay.


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