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Upcoming Fighting Games That’ll Excite Virtual Brawling Fans

Fighting games are one of the most satisfying genres of video games to play. Picking up a controller and then dishing out some expertly timed virtual violence on an AI opponent (or even better, on one of your friends) is a truly gratifying gaming experience. However, on the flip side of that, getting your behind handed to you in a beat ‘em up is one of the most humiliating experiences possible in gaming. That’s why fans of the genre practice hard at learning all the in-game moves available, so they can unleash perfectly timed button combinations that completely overwhelm their adversary.

If you’re one of these virtual brawling fans, then the great news is that there are several upcoming fighting games that will have you chomping at the bit for their release. Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy.

Street Fighter 6

Comfortably the most famous fighting franchise in all of gaming, the Street Fighter series has been pitting generations of gamers against each other since it originated in 1987. The next instalment in the long-reigning champion series has just been announced, with a number of teaser trailers that have got the gaming world buzzing with anticipation. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait until sometime in 2023 to play it, as that’s currently the only release details that its developers, Capcom, have given.

There’s not been that many details dished out yet, but from the trailers, Street Fighter 6 looks set for the franchise to revolutionise the fighting genre once again. The visuals look absolutely gorgeous, with every punch and kick seamlessly flowing across the screen in a frenzied explosion of colour. Each hit seems to really land with hefty force, making the combos appear even more devastating than in previous titles. There’s only been four confirmed characters so far, including old favourites Ryu and Guile. We hope that they include the ferocious Sagat, who’s always massively exhilarating to control, thanks to his devastating move list.

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New Marvel Fighting Game

This news should get superhero fanatics flying sky-high. There are hefty rumours doing the rounds that Electronic Arts have a new Marvel fighting game allegedly in development. Although nothing concrete has been fully established yet, the sources leaking the information to several gaming journalists are the same ones that have been correct about previous games before they were actually announced.

There are whisperings that the game could be made by the studio NetherRealm, which are true heavyweights of the fighting genre, having been responsible for the latest Mortal Kombat games. It’s certainly one to keep an eye on, as getting to pit the greatest Marvel heroes against each other in high-def graphics will be a dream for many.

Lego Brawls

There are certain things that we never even know we needed in our lives until they come along, and Lego Brawls is definitely one of those things. To our knowledge, not many people have been clamouring for a Lego themed fighting game, but now that we’ve witnessed footage of exactly that, we’re eagerly counting down the days until its release on consoles in September 2022. The game actually has already been available for mobiles since 2021, and should easily become one of the 30 best Android games to download in 2022 for fighting game aficionados.

When it’s finally released on consoles though, its developers Bandai Namco Entertainment, have promised that the game will be even bigger and better, with greater graphics, and even more built-in options. For fans of the Nintendo Super Smash Bros. series, the gameplay will seem reassuringly familiar, with multiple players trying to wrestle each other off floating platforms however they can, even if it means using hilarious randomised power-ups. It will no doubt be a massive hit with youngsters, and be a great game for families who love to resolve their conflicts through gaming.

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